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A natural weave – could there be such a thing?



Weaves are always and forever will be controversial. You have those people that stand by them, prefer them, spend money on them and make them look good. You have another group who would rather die than wear anything else on their head and make them look bad (imagine some long blond tracks showing rats nest of a weave). I often go to an event where someone with a weave quickly confesses to me that they are ‘Natural underneath’ or they wear this to ‘protect their hair’.  Then you have those weave haters that cannot stand them yet you know they must have worn one in the past. Trust me you even have men in on the subject, I literally have heard one black guy say to me that he prefers a European woman explaining that why would he date someone with a weave? He might as well get someone with the real thing (insert annoyed frown here).

So what if you could have a weave that looked like your natural hair?


Charal Taylor  is the co-founder of  Beauty Masterpiece a Fashion and Beauty Company based in London. She has been natural for almost three years.  A few weeks ago the company just launched a Natural Hair Weave Line which includes; Closures, clip-in weaves and clip-in closures. These products come in textures ranging from 4a-4c.

Charal says “As a natural I understand the importance of protective styling and its essential benefit in ensuring that we achieve length with minimum breakage. I have been protective styling for the last two year with braids and buns. However whenever my braids were in I couldn’t wash my hair the way i wanted to or enjoy my curls. That to me seemed like a waste since I love being natural and I love my texture. The problem was that there seemed to be no weave or clip-in hair options for my texture in the UK.

So I decided to create a line which catered to textures between 4a and 4c. My natural hair line offers the versatility of colouring, straightening and manipulating your hair on a daily basis without affecting the health of your own hair. As a bonus this line offers newly naturals a chance to experience what it will be like to be natural”

The website is here check it out and let me know what you think



Natural Hair in the UK

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Image Source:


The world is slowly catching on, its a fact that more and more women are going Natural and I love it. The other day I was interviewed by a website called Healthista where writer Moraima Capellan Pichardo has put together a very interested article called “Why more women are putting down the straighteners and embracing their natural curls”  In the article she has some interesting facts including this..

“The report also stated that the ‘natural hair trend” has increase the sales of styling products for natural hair in the UK and that in 2013 70 percent of Black women currently wear or have worn their hair natural with 53 percent having worn braids and 41 percent having worn locks”

Have a read and let me know what you think did you like my tips for Natural Hair?

Here is the article link



Natural Inspiration –Maria Tumolo

maria tumolo

What’s your name and where do you live.

My name is Maria Tumolo and I live in Carshalton, Surrey.

When did you go natural and why?

I returned to my natural hair February 2010. I was planning on becoming a mum but I was already 37 years old, so, I thought it wise to be thehealthiest natural self that I could be. I transitioned for two or three month max, while steadily digesting all the natural hair YouTube videos and blogs I could find. Totally revved up by the YouTube videos I hacked of my own hair one evening, then promptly visited a friend the next day (she has hairdressing experience) for her to trim and shape the mess I’d made of my what was to be a TWA. While I don’t regret one moment of the process, I’d suggest anyone thinking of going natural to be more cautious and rational when it comes to the big chop.


How would you describe your hair and texture?

I believe that I have 3c hair at the front of my head and 3b texture more to the back. It’s light and bouncy but prone to tangling on itself easily.  When it’s wet or has too much moisture it looks really curly and thin but once dry I can achieve more volume with a braid-out that’s been finger combed. I do experience shrinkage but that’s not an issue for me.

How do you take care of your hair?

Mostly I wash my hair once per week on the weekend with shampoo, preferably with a non SLS one. I use the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream) to help maintain moisture in my hair. However, sometimes if I feel for quick refresh and pick-me-up I will co-wash then follow up with the LOC method as usual. I usually detangle my hair on washday. If I want to change my style then I’ll detangle with a leave-in-conditioner or detangle solution, then re-twist for plait my hair. At home I wear my hair in a ponytail with varying levels of neatness to protect it but when I’m out and about I usually wear it out loose.


What are your words of inspiration to our readers?

I think it’s a good idea get to know your hair and what it likes. Try to keep your regime simple and use asorganic products as you can find (or make) untill you know what works best for your hair type. Once you know what your hair likes then you can either carry one with your organicproducts or shop for products that contain ingredients that your hair responds well to. Most importantly work with the hair you have and embrace it rather than try to achieve something that may never be your hair destiny.Essentially,I’m a parent blogger however I do have a natural hair page and posts where I also talk about maintaining the mixed textured hair of my children. You can find me

Maria Tumolo 3



Thank you so much Maria – lovely hair and photos

Readers – I hope you enjoyed this Natural Inspiration. As always If you would like to appear as a Natural Inspiration all you need to do is send in your answers to the questions above with a minimum of four photos to