10 Natural Christmas/New Year styles

Wondering what to do with your Natural Hair this Christmas or New Years eve? I was thinking the same thing I was looking for a nice updo.  The video of the fortnight on my website shows how to create a lovely one, which I can imagine all of you wearing out on New Years eve. Here are some other nice styles, which is your favourite? 

10. Hot to trot!
9. sigh – If only I could braid like this
8.this is quite posh isnt it?
7. Love the make up, the dress and the curl definition 
6. Oh wow.

5. Short and sweet. 

4. A flower in this bun and you are good to go
3. Sexy braidout 
2. French Twist

1. I LOVE this style the gold old Pompadour a few hair grips and you are good to go.

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  1. That French Twist is really cute. I must admit that I love the touch and feel of natural hair.

  2. I love number six.

  3. @Reggie, its so nice to hear a man say that

    @Amanda, yeah its really a nice style! I might try it tonight!