A letter from my boyfriend

It is with his permission that I publish my boyfriends email, it made me feel so delighted and special I really needed to share. It also goes to show that men do like Natural Hair!

Dear Angel,
When you told me you wanted to get rid of the relaxed hair and go natural, I wasn’t completely sure about it, but I love you so I’ll support anything you do. It wasn’t that I thought it wouldn’t suit you – it’s your hair in it’s natural state, why wouldn’t it suit you? The only thing I thought about was maybe it wouldn’t be liked at work or by new employers. But that was it really, it’s only hair after all – how much difference can it make?
Then I learnt about what relaxed hair means. You have to get it done every few weeks? For how much? And you can’t get it wet in the rain, or swim, or sweat when you exercise? And it actually burns your scalp? We watched that Chris Rock film ‘Good Hair’ – it was a real eye opener. Sodium hydroxide really isn’t something you want near your skin.
So you grew out the relaxer, and then there was the big day when you let it all out. It wasn’t quite as long as you wanted, but it looked great. Even though you weren’t confident at the beginning about how to style it, I could see that you were more confident as a person. I could see that however you styled your new natural hair, it was more of ‘you’ and less of an idea of what you should look like. And I love afros!
And frankly, I like anything that’s closer to a woman’s natural beauty. Well actually most guys do. Relaxed hair can look nice, but it a different kind of beauty when you’re wearing your own hair (literally in the case of weaves). I have to confess, that video with Beyonce rocking an afro (‘Work it out’) was bookmarked on my computer!
But what I don’t understand is that attitudes towards natural hair. And it is 99% from other black women. What’s all the stress about? Why is it other black women who say it’s not suitable for the office or at all? And the hairdressers – why do they have to relax everything? I would have thought that there would be some hairdressers to know how to style and cut natural hair but it looks like there are far too few.
I can’t say what’s going on with everyone but it seems like there’s a lot of confusion. Somehow people believe they need to have straight hair to be, well, ‘normal’. Anyway, I’m glad you gone natural because now we can swim, exercise, go out in the rain, and you look great. Now we just don’t have to worry about hair making me love you more. 
Well done for The Natural Lounge
Andrew x 

He loves my hair!! 



  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, that was sweet. I feel slightly teary eyed… From the sounds of it you’ve got a good man, hang on to him lol

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  3. aww this was very sweet! i totally understand the whole transition and hearing it from a man’s perspective is so refreshing! love this post!!

  4. This is so sweet! He’s a keeper Angel!

  5. Awwww! Love it! I was lucky to have a supportive boyfriend when I did my BC 8 years ago. I agree with his comment about women in our community being our worst critics, but I suppose the warnings are coming from a good place, however unintentionally negative.

    Cute! He needs to do a Beyonce and ‘put a ring on it’…. lol!

  6. aww how beautiful

  7. @beautifulms, thank you he is lovely

    @Amanda, that’s strange as I have only had black women tell me bad things, I guess it depends on where you are

    @Tshai, thank you

    @Angelina, well you have been hearing about him for years on angel cake lol

    @Bobbie, lol I will tell him

    @christielove – thank you