A love song for the naturals…



Us natural women sometimes just want to be appreciated, so that’s why when I heard artist QU’ALITY’s recent single, “NA-TU-RAL”  I had to feature it here.

For me, I am just enjoying his unabashed appreciation for all natural ladies. He says the song is an ode to women of all ages to confidently accept themselves and love who they are. Magazines and television do not determine what’s pretty, he creates a platform for ladies to step out in the world and proudly show their “NA-TU-RAL” selves. Let me know what you think of the tune. (http://youtu.be/rcHC4oxWVtg)

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  1. Alex Chambers says:

    That song seems really nice. I’m sure a lot of women will appreciate it too! Thanks for sks for sharing