Hi I’m Angel and I am the founder of The Natural Lounge

If your hair is curly and you want to wear it in its naturally curly form, or you are thinking about it and want to know how to take care of it, then The Natural Lounge is for you.  Its also a resource for information on natural health, skincare and lifestyle products.

I started the Natural Lounge because whilst there are an abundance of them now,  when I went natural in January 2010 I found that there were not many UK based websites dedicated to celebrating natural hair.

That same year I held one of the first UK events for people with natural hair to come together and continue to hold exciting and successful events in the UK.

I would like to think The Natural Lounge is a place for inspiration, Information, and advice. It is built to educate and show everyone how to take care of their afro hair its natural state and how to reduce the amount of chemicals in their bodies by using natural products.

I love our hair and the amazing things it can do and my aim is to share any information that I have which will help you love it too. Your natural hair is for you.  If it grows out of your head that way it couldn’t get more ‘for you’ if it tried so embrace it and enjoy it.

As well as many fantastic online publications and blogs
The Natural Lounge has also appeared in the following:

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