Activilong Paris – Conditioning Shampoo & Hair mask

It was at the end of May when I first discovered a French product called Activilong. They were in the UK exhibiting at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show and whilst they were over they gave me some products to review.


Products I have


This company have been making hair products in France for over 30 years and like many people now have an all natural range of products. They are also branching out into the UK.

I must admit whilst I already put the pictures on my instagram I have been lazy to write about them but the products are quite good so they do deserve a mention. Anyway, my hair was dry dry dry, and it needed more moisture.


In need of moisture

I decided to try the Conditioning Shampoo £4.00 and the Conditioning Hair Mask £5.50 both are from the Aloe Vera and Hibiscus range. They are priced  to make it quite easy on the pocket for these frugal times.




I first started by using the shampoo on my hair. The smell of the shampoo was really lovely it lathered first time and it cleaned my hair without it feeling stripped. Then I followed it up with the hair mask, the hair mask says leave it on for 5 minutes but I wasnt sure if that would really work so I left it on for 15 with a plastic cap.



Left is photo of the shampoo, right is the photo of the hair mask.

Afterwards I put my hair in big twists with a bit of my regular leave in and left it to dry.



All rinsed out and hair is indeed looking healthier


The next day I styled it for the Jane Carter event adding a bit of Shea butter mix

You know I don’t like rave reviews and I also like to give my honest opinion so believe me when I say that I really liked these products and there was a definite improvement in my hair after using them.   This shampoo and mask after this became a staple of mine until they ran out and I will be buying them again.

I also liked is the smell lingered in my hair for at least three days afterwards so I had that just washed smell for a while.

Speaking to them they said you should be able to buy the products in the main black hair supply shops so let me know if you see or try them or indeed what you thought if you have already tried them.