African Naturals – Well I have some photos….

When I posted two weeks ago calling for all African’s with natural hair I got bombarded by emails, many women were fired up by the subject and have heard the same thing time and time again. There were quite a few comments on the actual blog I was shocked.

Many newbie natural’s or transitioners wanted to see other sistas with their hair out and the gallery was to inspire others. Others were sceptic saying that I won’t get any photos but I waited.

The thing is, through it all, I didn’t actually get that many photos.

So could it be that there really are not that many naturals who are African? 

I have decided to keep the gallery open, and anytime someone wants to be added they can just email me, that way hopefully one day, there will be at least 100 naturals on it.

The gallery is located on my website on the right sidebar so have a look and let me know what you think. 



  1. I think that on average that there are less africans. Generally speaking, I’ve noticed that africans are more negative than caribbeans about natural hair. Every type 4 natural I know isn’t from africa. They are caribbean, american etc. Even though caribbeans can be very negative, I see more acceptance amongst them as a whole than I do in africans. Almost every extremely young child I know with relaxers is african, wearing too tight braids etc.

  2. I actually disagree with you that you received few pictures. I actually loved the gallery (rocker girl made me smile!).

    I get around 85-100,000 views a month on my blog. When I ask for reader contributions, I may get 5-10.

    I do not know your readership numbers but I would estimate that they are around the 10,000 mark, yet this topic has generated a response that would equal mine.

  3. @ Anonymous, well hopefully more will respond and prove you wrong.

    @JC, thank you for commenting – you have really cheered me up, so hopefully this is a normal response rate 🙂

  4. HI Angel! Im from Serra Leone and have had natural hair for 10 years.I had to cut allot of my hair off recently, because of all the heat damage due to tooooooo much pressing etc. But now im allot wiser i cant wait to see my hair flow n grow.
    My daughter is half nigerian and @ 22months she has a heathly head of natural hair. I twist her hair with her natural hair (No fake hair on my baby) and sometimes cornrow it. I will send in a pic of us soon. All of my girl friends that have children do not relaxe there hair. I dont even put a blow dryer in my babies hair. I just air dry it in big plaites then style it. Love your blog, cant wait for another meet up, as i missed the other one,as im new to your site.x

  5. I agree with what anonymous said, generally natural hair is still frowned upon by many Africans. It’s seen as being dated/ from the 60s etc. Relaxers are so ingrained in Nigerian hair culture that they’re seen as the norm. However, I have noticed an increase in the number of African naturals but few seem to be involved in the online discussion. I’ll post a link to your website on my Facebook business page and I’m sure others will do the same. Hopefully more naturals will join in the discussion.
    @JC- congrats on the website! It’s so useful and informative.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nope, many of us Africans
    a) can’t see what the fuss is about
    b) don’t use online communities for what we just do at home
    c) simply don’t want our pictures on the web.

  7. I’m an African – from Nigeria – would be happy to be in your gallery.

  8. @Actressm, thanks for stopping by lovely to hear such positivity

    @Victoria, thank you for posting the link

    @Anonymous BAH!!!!

    @ Paige, thanks hun, email me just one photo please and I will add you, I liked your blog by the way

  9. LOL at annoymous number 2, can’t see what the fuss is about bbut sstill compelled to comment. Joker!

  10. @ TK – yeah lol I agree.

  11. Anon / Non conceited Nigerian natural says:

    Hi Angel! I agree with the 2nd Anon. I spent my earlier years in Nigeria and had a twa at least three times and still looked adorable. It was only after emigrating to England at the age of 10 that I relaxed my hair a year later. Nigerians are not any more hung up on relaxer and weaves than any other black community. The fact that the general black community feels the need or pressure to fit in with the majority should be the point of discussion and not whether a particular group is more partial to faux hair. After all, we have all relaxed at some point. I would love to send you my pic to prove some people wrong but as Anon commented, I do not want my picture on the web in relation to this topic. No offense meant.

  12. (sigh) a lot of you must have missed the original message which gives the reason why she wanted African Naturals

    Read that before you turn the whole thing into something negative.

    This is the link

  13. Have you seen Pamera’s fotki? She’s Ghanian and has waist-length hair. If you ask her nicely, she might like to be featured.