African Naturals where you at?

I am just about sick and tired of various people telling me that my hair only grows because I am Jamaican, and that if I was African I would not be able to grow my hair because African hair is tough and can never be natural.

The same people tell me that I have some West Indian gene and this is why my hair grows long and use the fact that when I had relaxer my hair was long as well.

The only reason my hair is long is because I take care of it. No other mystical reason. Aren’t we all from the same place?

When I had relaxer I had steams and treatments every two weeks! Now I am natural my hair care is paramount! The same people have never ever taken as much care of their hair as I have done.

So this is a call out to all those who are African who wear their hair natural. Ghanians Nigerians, Malwaians Zambians I know you are out there.

Send me your photo and the country that you are from and I will publish them to inspire all those people who tell me that their hair is too tough/thick/dry/unmanageable to wear natural.  Email me with your photos. 

Updated: Here is the link to the Photo Gallery



  1. Look, this sounds so ignorant and stupid. People who say that just what to distance themselves from their roots. As long as you are of african descent and have tight-curls (nappy hair), it doesn’t matter. There can be so many factors to why YOUR hair grows the way it does. Such as: Genetics, health diet, how you manage your hair (Your weekly cleanse, protective style ect). But regardless AFRICAN AMERICANS; WEST INDIANS stop being so damn ignorant and embrace yourselves.

  2. P.S: Im from Ghana and im a Natural.

  3. Representing Kenya, natural for around 10 years! I do not put up personal pics on the internet but I definitely want it said that yes Africans do grow natural hair.

    On youtube actually Rusticbeauty is of Nigerian origin and Sera2544 is from Sierra Leone.

    My hair is fluffy, not tough!

  4. For the exact same reason, I started a blog on natural hair to try and inspire my fellow Zambian and other African women that it is possible to have natural hair and wear it out in its natural state. It is still a work in progress and I hope to fully launch it on the 1st of February. In the meantime, please check out my one post so far on

  5. Anonymous says:

    Commendable but you won’t find any Nigerians their hair is too thick and ugly to be natural and they don’t know the meaning of the word

  6. Great post! I’m African and people are always shocked at how long my hair is. I’ve even had the “well you must have white in you comment.” People from all racial backgrounds can have long hair and one of the biggest reasons why some black women struggle to have long hair is because of bad haircare practices! There’s no point blaming hair length or lack of on race or ethnicity, just work on making your own hair the best it can be! Love the idea of sending photos to inspire and show that women of all backgrounds can have long hair.

  7. Thanks for speaking about this because people have also told me this same thing and it always annoys me. It’s an offensive argument and shows that people still lack knowledge about African people.
    I’m from the Caribbean, but my hair only started to grow and become healthy in my mid-thirties when I learnt how to treat it properly and started to use certain foods and nutrients. Also many of the hair products specifically geared towards Black hair is not beneficial for our hair at all. Many contain chemicals that are actually harmful for our hair.
    It’s beginning to change now though as we gain more knowledge, and there are more black people making their own hair care products. I think the internet and sites like are very empowering and educational for Black women’s hair.

  8. @Soul Defender, yeah hun I hear ya!

    @JC, you know I always wondered why we never saw you on your blog…

    @Masuka, I am going to your blog now, looking forward to reading it.

    @Anonymous, you are obviously lost please take your offensive comments elsewhere!

    @Vivi, I hope you send in some photos 🙂

    @Amanda, yes it is offensive the way people get on, but I am pleased that the change is coming.

  9. @Anonymous, it isn’t my intention to sound conceited but I’m a beautiful Nigerian woman with fine, medium density natural hair. You clearly need to get out more!

  10. I am Kenyan and so proud to be, Waves at JC…I have relatively long hair and will be sending you pics asap.Its ridiculous to think that someone would be so ignorant..lets show em!!

  11. Anon is so wrong – Here are some Nigerian naturals who may do post hair pics on occassion (I include Black British Nigerians)

    sugabelly (blog is quite adult)
    a simple thing

    Both have medium length hair.

  12. I’m from Spain, I have mixed race, but my hair is very tight, I said never grow …. since I have my hair naturally grows better and faster


  13. I heard this recently, and I couldn’t believe it. I am Nigerian and I am Natural, recently cut my hair, but check me out in a year!!!

  14. Repping Nigeria here! Been living in the UK now for just over 12 years

    Check out my blog & pics. African hair DOES grow and looks good. Plus, I have only been natural for 1 year & 1 month

  15. How can one person speak for a WHOLE country made up of over 149 million people??
    I actually couldn’t believe what Anon said!
    Anyway, I’m a british nigerian and i’ve been natural ALL my life, but decided a year ago not to use weaves or extensions, my hair is medium length, thick but soft and a JOY> not ugly. My mother, a Nigerian, has hair past her shoulders its been relaxed before but is currently natural. I have nigerian friends, both native and british that have natural hair of all lengths.
    But seriously, stereotyping nigerian hair- from a nigerian; thats ignorant and shameful.

  16. ah, I made a mistake,
    the second anon isn’t the same as the first. Ignore the last bit of my comment 🙂
    The rest still stands though ¬¬

  17. I know I’m late but I cannot STAND when people say that about African hair. I am from Botswana and Swaziland, and one friend in particular said that because we are from Southern Africa, our hair will never grow long. Hmm, I guess an Ivy League education can’t buy you any common sense. She then went on to say that she didn’t like her hair the way it was (ok, I’m not gonna force things onto her), and that her Ghanaian friend’s hair grows faster when she goes back to West Africa for holidays. What the hell are people on these daysspr?! I can’t stand how people just make it “our” hair. No, this is MY hair. That is YOUR hair.

    My hair is growing very nicely, thank you very much. People say that I probably have mixed race (which I’m not) and the fact that I have freckles doesn’t help. Even whites in Southern Africa go on and on about how black people’s hair doesn’t grow. But I find that Europeans are cool, they love natural hair, and they rarely say the dumb nonsense that my own people do.