Afro Hair and Beauty Show – Now with Afros

Me at the Curl’s stand with Mahisha Dellinger founder of Curls

I’m trying my best to write this through itchy eyes. I’m wearing this crappy fibre extending lash mascara someone put on me at the Afro Hair and Beauty show. The fibres are falling in my eyes it’s not fun…but let me come back to that.

So once again the Afro Hair and Beauty Show took place in London’s Business Design centre. This year I can confirm it was not all about the wigs weaves and relaxers.  Yes they were there and yes the bleaching skin stand remained but this year the organisers of the show incorporated a new ‘Natural Zone’ in their set up.

This meant that there were stands and seminars from many UK and US Natural Product Companies.

Really pleased to see Taliah Waajid there – they have great products

Miss Jessie’s used the show for their UK Launch.  Their products will now be sold in Paks Stores. Their stand looked amazing they had people on stage actually styling hair using the products with a guy on the microphone answering questions. It was quite informative and a good way for people to understand the products.

Jane Carter was also there; I have used and liked their Nourish and Shine before so I decided to buy a tub as it was there for the bargain of £10.  

I visited and chatted with Root 2 tip and Mahogany Naturals and I bought a hair spritz from Mumma’s Marvellous Medicine for Hair.

Organic Root Stimulator have a new product range called Curls Unleashed, I visited their stand as I have not yet tried the products but they were too busy to speak with me so I just left them to it.

I bought a copy of New African Woman magazine, some sweeties from Afro Candy and that was about it. I didn’t go to any seminars.  I also got loads of free samples of Natural Products which I can’t wait to use.

Me at the Afro Candy stand – the sweets were yummy

The leaflets I need to read. 

All the samples I need to try…

I can say that I enjoyed it. I saw many familiar faces from the natural world. What I liked about the show is that relaxed or natural we could all visit side by side without any divide.  We all went to look for things to take care of our hair and hopefully found it.

What was bad is this fibre mascara it was at a stand where the lady urged me to try it. It’s clumpy itchy and the fibres fall off in your eyes.  So don’t buy it because if you need to do anything like reading or finding your way home it might be a bit tricky.  


  1. wicked write up! I wasnt able to go to this so am very pleased to hear how it went down and that there was so much for ‘natural’ headed gals! woo! : ) Thanks for the post n good luck with the lashes : )

  2. Hello doll! I`m watching your blog for a while! do you wanna follow each other? kisses

  3. I popped in for a couple hours. It was a great show! Also tasted that yummy Afro Candy! What a cool idea!

  4. I too have tasted the Afro Candy and it is good! Doesn’t really have anything to do with afros but it tasted nice.

  5. Natural Lounge,

    that was a well written review on your experience a the Afrohair and beauty show thank you. I wish I could have seen missjessy.

  6. I would love to go to a show like this 1how can I get info on the nex show.

  7. @M Thanks for your comments

    @Ioana – Carmen, let me go and check you out

    @Ms Xpat – it was good wasn’t it? Better than before right?

    @Andrew – lol

    @Woollen Head – apparently their stuff has mineral oil in…I will have to check it out

    @Jan3beauty – subscribe to the natural lounge of course – read my ‘whats on’ page I let everyone know about the latest events in town

  8. hey I was at that hair show as well I got lots of nice freebies especially the miss jessies curling products

    a nice read