Amina Robinson to join the Naturally Fabulous Line up.

The Stunning Amina Robinson

This time next week Naturally Fabulous will be over for yet another year so we have less than a week to go and I thought I would bring you this news. Amina Robinson, is joining us on the day to speak about our hair and Nutrition.

Amina is a wellness consultant, certified living foods chef and nutritional counsellor. Her last trip to London was in 2007 where she spoke at Adornment she currently lives in Atlanta.

Over the past 15 years Amina has dedicated herself to travelling the planet studying and sharing the principles of living well, naturally. By balancing ancient principles with modern living Amina realised that everything could be regenerated through proper eating, positive mental and emotional outlook, exercise, and spiritual practice. She has shared her gifts with such outlets as Heart & Soul Magazine, Web MD and BBC Radio. 

Amina dedicated 10 years as a nutritionist with Soul Vegetarian International, one of the largest chains of vegan restaurants in the US before taking time in 2009 to home birth the greatest natural wonder of all, her son Khaiye. Now she is back on the scene and will be coming to our event to give us a fantastic talk. 

So if you want to learn about the right foods to take care of your hair make sure you have your ticket to Naturally Fabulous.

Amina Robinson



  1. Sounds wonderful, I won’t be able to be there, but hope some of her valuable tips and insight and wisdom are shared on the site.