Angela Davis T-Shirts By Lyrically Inspired

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Today is the birthday of Angela Davis, Born January 26, 1944 she is an American scholar, author and political activist. Her stunning Afro became a powerful political symbol which reflected black pride and beauty in the 70s.




To celebrate, Lyrically Inspired have created a range of stylish black cotton T-shirts and Sweatshirts which come in all sizes from S to XXL. The designs are made from sparkling crystals and gold glitter vinyl

This is how the products are packaged

This is how the products are packaged

When asked about the product Lyrically Inspired said “we created them as we want people to; wear this product with pride; wear this product as an iconic symbol that empowers beyond fashion and popular culture and  wear this product to reinstate your sense of individualism”

Angela Davis Sweatshirt

Each crystal design has a turnaround time: 3/5 working days (after this period they do Next Day delivery within the UK and mainland) To order yours or to get more information you can email:

For further information visit… or



  1. I’m a t-shirt jeans kind girl, I like this.

  2. Thanks to The Natural Lounge for sharing this work… Inspiring, indeed!
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  3. @MsXpat oh glad you like, when I get one I will have to post a photo of myself in it.

    @Richard – you are very very much welcome!