Antidote Street – A new hair and skincare website + Reader’s Speical offer!

A few weeks ago I heard all about Antidote Street.  It is a  brand new online destination for black hair and skin care products.  I liked the website, I was pleased with the range of products and the fact that they were easy to find, the pricing is also not bad  so I had to ask a few more questions.

Antidote Street - Founders

The three Founders of Antidote Street

The London based  founders Winnie Awa, Kamil Kluza and Seun Lawal, consist of  two Nigerian ladies and a Polish Gent  here are the questions I asked them:

How did such an unusual trio come about?

We actually all used to live together and remained friends ever since. Right now, we find ourselves deploying our diverse skills to different parts of the business. 

Why did you create your website?

“Antidote Street created because we wanted to revolutionise access to black hair and skin care products. We got tired of having to search tooth and nail for that killer product we just saw on a popular blog. For a long time, access to the right products for black hair and skin care has been fragmented. Depending on where people live, it is not easily available on the high street – with many people often having to travel further afield or ordering from the States in order to find what they need. Antidote Street was formed in direct response that these challenges”

Antidote Street

Natural Lounge Readers are worldwide, where do you ship to? 

“Our initial focus was UK and Europe but since launching we have had some interest from as far out as Australia. So we have adapted our offering to accommodate orders worldwide on a case by case basis. In the meantime, we are working hard to automate this, so watch this space, World”

Iv’e had a nosey on your website and seen a few things I like but what are you favourite products?

Winnie – My hair loves Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing smoothie, when especially dry, it craves Anita Grant’s Banana RhassoulDeep Condish Bar and when knotty, Mixed Chicks Deep conditioning treatment is the only antidote that it will have. I bet you are wishing you never asked this question…shall I go on?

Seun – My hair can be a nightmare but also loves the Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioning, Giovanni Direct Leave-inJamaican castor oil and and My Honey Child Type 4C Hair Crème.

Kam – Village Barber Shaving Oil – this all natural cocktail of nearly 20 oils gives me a super smooth shave. Men often use foams as their primary shaving prep but they underestimate how helpful oils can be. If used in conjunction with a foam, they create a protective layer that reduces both irritation and prevents from ingrown hairs.

mixed chicks

One of the products Winnie and Seun really like!

Setting a website and a company isn’t easy what were the most exciting parts and where there any challenges?

We have had so many exciting milestones in our journey. From getting our business cards to going live with the site and receiving the first order. We suspect making our customers lives simpler by providing a one stop shop for their hair and grooming needs will continue to give us a buzz for a long time. We are dedicated like that 

The challenges were testing the website!!! We are perfectionists and probably spent thousands of hours, testing across multiple mobiles, tablets, browsers.  You name it, we tested it. But of course, that was a small price to pay if it means that our customers have a fantastic experience.


What makes you different from the other brilliant and successful hair websites such as British Curlies or Gidore?

“We aim to revolutionise the concept of access by providing the best selection of products (including hair care and shaving products for men), an excellent website experience, offering consolidated advice on how to use the products and efficient delivery. 

We are passionate about forming long term relationships with every single brand on our site so as to bridge the gap between our customers and brands. We are actively working with up and coming British brands, providing them with platform to flourish and improve their product offering. 
For us, it is all about cutting the faff associated with accessing the niche beauty needs of both men and women of colour. This means leveraging technology and logistics in efficient ways so as to make the lives of our customers that much easier. More to come on this so watch this space!”


So why should  Natural Lounge readers should visit your website?

“You should click on this link because as our tagline suggest, ‘we get black hair.’ Our site offers a one stop shop for your hair and grooming needs at the click of a button, so that you don’t have to travel further afield to get them or order from the States and pay extortionate prices for shipping. That said, we also focus on promoting local British brands and engaging with the hair community.

We constantly obsess over curating the best product selection for our customers, providing them with a superior website experience and ensuring that their antidotes are delivered fast”

As you have been so good to read till the end, we are offering free delivery until November 7th enter code Antidotestreet_TNL_20 at the checkout. Enjoy shopping and give us a shout on if you have any question or feedback. Listening is our thing” 


So TNL Team  –  Let me know if you check it out, and if you have any more questions for the team feel free to post them below.

The website again is



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