Asase – Infused hair butter Shea and Coconut

Well I love my hair butters so when I was asked to try out Asase’s infused hair butters I couldn’t refuse. Asase is London based with an online shop.

Both butters arrived in this packaging which I thought was really unique they are priced £7.99 each.

Wrapped up like nice gifts. 
The one on the left is Shea and the one on the right is coconut.

I used the Shea first as a daily moisturiser and then when that ran out I used the coconut.

The Shea is made from infusing Shea butter the Coconut is infused coconut oil both are blended with essential oils. Although I wish they would put the full ingredients list on the website under each product.

My verdict.
They are not as whipped as other products and are still quite thick, firm and hard in the jar so not that smooth whippy texture that I am used to. Also they both have very unique smells which whilst were not offensive, I couldn’t rave about them.

So why would I recommend using these butters? I am sure many of you know the benefits of using Shea butter and coconut oil so if you are looking for a regular staple moisturising product try one of these. Also if you want natural ingredients and want to support a UK based firm the website is 

I think they are a promising product and I am sure this company as a lot more in store for 2011.



  1. I tried the daily moisturiser, as part of my own personal review process! Angel tells me that my hair is 4b so it can be quite thick and it’s very curly. Currently it’s fairly short. The moisturiser wasn’t as easy to apply out of the jar because it was thicker than some other stuff that I’ve used that were more fluid at room temperatures. Anyway I just rubbed a bit on my hand after a little warming from my hand (or the heater) and it was ready to go. It did do the job but I felt it didn’t sink in quickly enough. I’m a London commuter – I’ve got about 3.5 minutes to sort out my hair so I’m on a tight schedule! After it had sunk in my hair was fairly soft, no complaints there. Overall, it’s decent but not the best I’ve used so far. Although I believe it is cheaper than some others so it may be a good pick for you.

    Well, it’s mornng time again at my 3.5 minutes of hair time is fast approaching – I’m off to raid Angel’s stash to see what else I can get my hands on…

    Andrew (boyfriend and hair product freeloader)

  2. @ Anonymous aka Andrew!! so you admit publicly you are the tief that keeps using up all my products and I wondered why all my things were getting used up so quickly! I am locking them up!