Back to Basics for loc wear and care

Are you interested in started locs? Or have you ever wanted to learn how to better maintain your locs? Well Author and blogger Astrid Raphaelle has created a new ebook called “Back To Basics : Getting back to starting and maintaining classy locs, the natural, affordable & simple way”.  This book is available in French and English and priced at £1.26 from amazon.

Back to Basics by Astrid Raphaelle

Astrid says “I wrote this book for those who want to achieve a neat and classy look with locs the simple way”

As a non loc wearer myself I found the book a very quick read and very easy to understand. However I would have liked to see more pictures as there were only two images and then twenty four pages of text. Despite this I would say that the book has a common sense approach and has has several chapters which include, what hair is, how to start locs and how to maintain them. It also has information on how to shampoo, condition, retwist and daily maintenance.

For further information or if you want to purchase the book you can visit Amazon

Or Astrid’s website