Bantu’s Baby….

My friend is always doing a Bantu Knot out and her hair looks fab so I thought I would try it.
Just in case you are not sure what a Bantu Knot is, some people call them china bumps.
The best video I have seen so far on YouTube is this one (posted below) it shows the whole process. Her hair looked so amazing at the end. I had to try it.

So first of all I washed and deep conditioned my hair. I used my staple products, Aubery Organics and when I deep conditioned I mixed my conditioner with castor oil. Then I did the bantu knots. I didn’t use gel, I only used my home made Shea Butter mix. After the process I found out that this was not a good idea. I should have done them on dry hair dampened a little with spritz and used a little gel.

Anyway this was me….

LOL all ready for bed! 

I planned to sleep and leave them in all day the next day, but actually had to head out when these things on my head lol no one looked at me twice even in the supermarket. I was really surprised. I thought I looked like a mad woman!

Anyway I took them out in the evening and got quite excitied with I undid one to see the curl

Look at the little ringlet! 

But when I undid everything I found that I didn’t quite get the same curl and my ends were fuzzy so I just put it up.

Love the curls but look at this photo…
my thin edges have never grown back since relaxer! let this be a warning to all relaxed chicks! 

 I think I will definitely try it again and let you know how I do next time. It wasn’t a complete fail but I know it can be done better, I would like to wear it down.