Bare Skin Beauty – Clarifying Cleansing Serum

I was on the lookout for a natural cleanser when I came across UK Based Bare Skin Beauty. They have a range of products for skin such as cleansers or moisturisers and they are all natural.

This is a company who say that they ‘passionately believe that all skincare should be Skinfood; feeding the skin with wholesome natural ingredients that nourish, protect and regenerate” That sounded like my type of language.

In their products they have a choice of four cleansers I was immediately attracted to their Clarifying Cleansing Serum as it said “All skin types will look luminous and feel as soft as cashmere”  Yum Yum

Bare Skin Beauty – Clarifying Cleansing Serum

Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii; Theobroma Cacao, Beeswax, Honey,Prunus Armeniaca, Simmondsia Chinensis, Hippophae Rhamnoides, Citrus Paradis, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis,Rosmarinus Officinalis, Eucalyptus Citridora, Mentha Piperala

So as the instructions said I applied it to my dry skin and massaged gently into my face. As you can see in the image it’s got these sort of lumps in – don’t ask me what they are but they literally melted in.  It was so nice I was loving it.

This is what it looks like

Then…a tinge…a burning and then fire!! It was stinging my eyes out. Whoops it did not say ‘do not use around the eyes! When I usually cleanse my face I put the cleanser everywhere, eyelids included and this time was no different as I did have make up on but this was a big mistake!! I am serious friends. This thing stung my eyes out.

OUCH – my eyes

It recommends you wash it off with water and a warm muslim cloth, I sort of blindly found my way into the bathroom and using the little cloth they sent with it I washed it off. It was good, it did remove my make-up and fortunately non of my sight.

Muslin Cloth Before

Muslin Cloth Afterwards

In fact it was more than good, my skin really really did ‘look luminous and felt so soft I was harassing my husband to come and feel it.

Skin Afterwards…No Make up

Do I recommend it? Yes for me it worked my skin was lovely afterwards,  I did not need to moisturise on top and I can still see.   However at £29 for 60ml it might be pricey for some.

You can check out all Bare Skin Beauty’s products at