BBC 3 – Hair – The Series Episode 1

Rupunzel by Amy

One of the Fairytale Images Episode one: Source

It was July last year when I posted here about BBC3 looking for hairstylists to go on a new programme called Hair.

Well the programme has been going for a few weeks now and I think it has ended (I know I am late right?) so I finally got on iplayer and watched the first episode fully last night. I am going to try and review them all but be honest I never follow anything on TV so this will be a first for me.

The Judges, Denise, Steve and Alain Source:

In short, every week 8 contestants do hair and once a week they get voted off to become Britain’s Best Amateur Hairstylist.  The Judges are Denise McAdam, session stylist and royal hairdresser, and Alain Pichon, international session stylist, who has styled Madonna, Scarlett Johansson and Claudia Schiffer. The presenter is Steve Jones all three are pictured above. I never heard of any of them.

The contestants Source:

The contestants in order are:  Kate (a mum who does hair on her children), Marvin (a self taught hairdresser), Laura (a 1940’s enthusiast) Ebuni (A teacher)Amy (a beautician who styles wedding hair at the weekend) Annie (a Nurse)  Kobi (only 16 years old); and Dominica (A polish lady)

**Spoiler Alert** If you don’t want to know how the episode plays out stop reading here. You can watch the whole thing on iplayer and you have 17 days left to watch episode 1.

So in week one they had three challenges.  The first was to create a quiff what was at least 7cm high. I thought Ebony’s was beautiful and a style I would wear. Here she gives a tutorial on another stunning style.  Annie won this round as she had the best one.

Annie's Quiff BBC3 Hair

Annie’s Quiff BBC3 Hair Source:

The second challenge was one where they tested skill they had to do a neat cut and blow-dry, Marvin won this round. He said he didn’t know how to blow-dry or cut but I think all that weave styling he did at home for his people paid off there.   Everyone’s skill was ranked 1-8 and then it was in that order you could choose the ‘hair type’ they got to work with in the final round.

Of course no one wanted to work on the afro hair it came last. Since Ebuni came last in the cutting round she had to work with it.  It made me smile though when one of the judges came over and said “how do you feel working on this type of hair” and she said “well its fine, it’s the hair that grows out of my head so I am used to it” Exactly!!

So the final round was the fairytale round where the contestants had to produce hairstyles inspired by fairytales. Here is Annie’s winning creation

Ice Queen By Annie

Ice Queen By Annie Source:

So who got sent home?? Amy was sent home because her quiff wasn’t high enough nor a quiff it was a roll and looked like a wedding hairstyle, her hair cutting wasn’t on point and the blow-dry was still wet and in the fairtyle round was another wedding inspired style. The judges felt that she had not gotten out of her comfort zone. I think that it was the right decision.

Have you been or will you be watching the show? What did you think of the styles in episode 1? I don’t have a favourite yet do you? Please don’t tell me what happens!!



  1. I think they did this also a couple of years ago. I remember being forced to watch it as my children\’s dad is a hairdresser. I won\’t be watching it this time round, and its a shame that no one wanted to work with the Afro hair, as its the most versatile of all hair types.