BBC 3 – Hair – The Series Episode 2


Final Round – Dominika’s fascinator -made entirely of hair

I know I have only watched one other episode (Review Eposide 1 here) but unless something better comes along this was my favourite. You might want to read the review of the first one to get an idea of who is who and what its all about

The first round was all about plaits and braids so you know I loved it. What’s the difference between a plait and a braid? The Plait is off the scalp and a braid is on the scalp they even explained what cainrows were! The styles were amazing but unfortunately I don’t have any photographs of that round but you have 12 days left to watch it on iplayer. The styles were fantastic and I could easily see how they could translate for our hair!

Something that made me laugh this episode was where Kobi said plaits and braids are ‘not current’ I wonder what rock he has been under the last few years. The second round the technical one and they had to do layering and then set the hair on rollers. For saying these people are amateurs this looked complicated and Dominica won this one with Marvin a close second.

The final round was where they had to create hats out of hair! WOW! Obviously only for the catwalk but these styles were incredible, I wouldn’t know where to start some real talent here:


This was Marvin’s Miami sun hat, see the model’s hair makes the hat and the rim is made of fake hair.


This is Annie’s Russian Cossack hat – the top bit is the model’s own hair and the bottom is the fake hair. Again Alain said to Annie as she was doing it “how do you feel about working with this type of hair?” “are you aware of its limits, what it can and can’t do” two weeks he has questioned black hair, this man and I are not going to get on.


The winner, Kate’s Mad hatters hat! brilliant, the models hair is the brim of the hat and the fake hair is the top.
This won!

But who went home…poor Ebuni, she didn’t listen to the judges and didn’t incorporate the model’s own hair into the hat.