Birmingham Natural’s Meet up

On Saturday afternoon a large group of Midland naturals and a few of us Londoners gathered in the Coffee Lounge of Navigation Street in Birmingham for the Birmingham Natural’s Meet up. It was organised by Kadian Pow, Rachel Bates and Lorien Hay.

I am SO glad I decided to take the train down to attend. I didn’t take notes of the day so everything I write here is just the contents of my heart/memory things didn’t happen in this precise order but I just want you to get a feel of the day. All photos are by

The day started off by networking session and I found everyone to be open and friendly, once we got over the whole ‘how long have you been natural’ we moved on to how we styled our hair, what products we used and then suddenly we were past that and began to talk, normally. It created a great vibe. There were so many Natural hair bloggers and youtubers it was great.

Three ladies here have their own YouTube Channel! I know Stacy (The Naprika) but you will have to tell me the others! 

We were treated to two presentations. One was by Kadian Pow, although she is one of the organisers, she also runs Ace Your Face so she talked about how hair products can also be used in other ways. The second presentation was by Rachel Twunmasi of Afrocentrix and she talked about protective styling. We had a head wrap workshop, two fabulous poets Hunni Gray and Roy MacFarlane (Birmingham Poet Laureate).

Comfort who won best hair of the day

Kadian letting us know how our hair products can also be used on our skin

Head wrapping Workshop

My favourite part of the day was when we had a panel discussion I was part of the panel. Alongside Rachel of Afrocenchix, Paige the Blogger and Africa Brown we discussed how natural is natural and what natural means to us. This really encouraged people to start talking and sharing about their hair, their feelings and their experiences. I heard some beautiful stories and it made me glad to be there and proud to be natural.

This was the Panel

The cool Panellist 

Congratulations ladies on organising a fab day (wow now I’d better get onto the London one…which will be later on this year)

Me with Paige the Blogger and Rachel from Afrocenchix

Group Shot – Look at all these beautiful Naturals – Spot anyone you know?  



  1. Perfect recap. Thanks, Angel. I’ll see you at the London one!

  2. I would love to go to one of these…there aren’t that many natural UK blogs and events…