Black Hair Magazine Feature

On the 8th September nationwide Black hair magazine’s next issue is out and I think you should get it…why?? well not only for this issue they are doing a Natural Hair Special, I am also in it!
I was delighted to be invited by the Editor to be part of a round table discussion called Let’s Talk Natural…I was joined by Gina from Natural Belle, Hannah Pool and Simone Bresi-Ando.  We sat and had a really good talk about our hair.
Also later on in the magazine I have recommended top natural hair products for winter and finally they have mentioned that Naturally Faboulous is on.
Isn’t it great?!
I have to thank Black Hair Magazine for such a lovely experience. I hope you get out and buy a copy.


  1. Congrats Angel, I am proud!! this is a really big deal. Its all comming together girl!. I am also really excited as I just bought my tix for Oct 8th WOO WOO-the naturals are commin… watch out.
    Jah Bless

  2. Congrats Angel! Trailblazing I see 🙂

  3. OMGoodness! This is brilliant!
    Cant wait to go and get my copy. U know I’ll be supporting this.
    Go Angel, go Angel, Go!

    Crystal x

  4. @Naturally UK, MzTeequal and Crystal Afro! Thank you so much ladies..I really appreicate your support

  5. What a great achievement! Congrats Angel, keep up the great work