Black women are the least attractive – Says LSE Professor

On Sunday 15th May it was my birthday. I sneaked off to Spain for some much needed R&R so I have not been around to do any blogging. However I was shocked to come back and read this article which was published on my birthday.

It was by Satoshi Kanazawa a London School of Economics Professor and was entitled

Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?

It was published by Psychology Today who have since removed it because of all the complaints, however if you are still interested in reading it, this website have reprinted it online. Read the whole thing here

In it, he used some fancy graphs and charts to justify his claims, told us we have a lower IQ higher BMI and more testosterone and even though we are so ugly we believe that we are not.

I had to read a bit more about this guy and found out that he is obviously a headline seeking mad man who usually makes big claims like this. He has already been in hot water over his others ‘studies’ entitled ‘Men sexually harass women because they are not sexist’ and ‘Men like blonde bombshells (and women want to look like them)’ He doesn’t know what he is talking about and therefore I cannot take him and his science seriously and neither can you but I am very annoyed.

I am annoyed with the London School of Economics because they have not sacked the guy, even though many student groups have called for it. They are launching an internal investigation and Satoshi is on sabbatical at the moment. This was their official statement.

“The views expressed by this academic are his own and do not in any way represent those of the LSE as an institution. The important principle of academic freedom means that authors have the right to publish their views – but it also means the freedom to disagree. We are conducting internal investigations into this matter,”

I am also annoyed with Psychology Today, how on earth did they publish it in the first place? Surely when reading it the Editor must have thought that the article was wrong? Unless they too believe we are ugly. They must know about his past and how other scientists and professors are trying to distance themselves from him. They must know how it would offend and hurt so many people…what on earth were they thinking of?


As black women, we have enough to deal with in life. Every day we try and hold our heads high and tell our daughters positive messages. We live though many problems yet we still keep smiling, we are strong on the outside but inside we hurt just like everyone else. We don’t need yet another person telling us we are the least attractive. Its messages like this that got us lightening our skin and mashing up our hair to fit to a standard of beauty that is not ours. Articles like this are the reason why somewhere there is young girl standing in front of the mirror questioning her beauty. It is totally not on!



  1. The whole article is laughable. I do find it very biased because there are no citations to his ‘facts’. It is funny to write a scientific article without stating facts. If this was just an opinion piece, why report it in pseudo scientific fashion?

    Anyway LSE has an increasingly weakening reputation in terms of focusing purely on academic excellence. It appears to me that the desire to hobnob (remember they accepted money from Libya) is much stronger than the desire to retain a good reputation.

    So another bad decision is really not unexpected.
    Perhaps the vice chancellor needs a few words of advice.

  2. Ignorance, a lack of tact, shamelessly angling for 5 minutes in the spotlight with a poorly written and unsubstantiated article: those are the sort of things that are the least attractive….

  3. OOoo This article wound me up so much, because it was presented as fact when it clearly wasn’t.

    The fact he said the only reasons he could think of were those he listed, said it all – If that’s really “all” he could think of then he doesn’t deserved to be called an academic!

    I had to have my say on this on my blog
    I would love to know what you think.

    Thanks for your post Angel, I knew I could rely on you to discuss the issues that matter.

    Crystal Afro xx