British Curlies – Message of Support

Last week British Curlies one of the UK’s main websites with products for people with curly hair was temporarily offline. They were up and running pretty quickly but the reason why was because of an anonymous complaint to Trading Standards.I am told that Gidore went through through the same thing but have had no confirmation.
There is a lot of talk going around with different versions of what the complaint was about but here is what I know.  As far as I am lead to believe the complaint was not because they were selling American products.  It was because the suppliers did not meet the demands of the UK Training Authorities.  Perhaps their labelling was not correct, perhaps the claims they were making could not be proved, either way BritishCurlies have had to remove their American brands until Trading Standards complete a full audit.
I can imagine this is a setback to their business and may affect their revenue but businesses do have setbacks all the time, they are just not always so public. Lots of us love using these American brands but now is not the time to stress instead we should continue to support them by using this time to rediscover and enjoy our UK brands. There are so many new ones for us to try.
I have met Kiesha Jo of British Curlies and I know that she has spent a long time and lots of hard work to bring us products that we enjoy. I do hope she gets it sorted quickly. 


  1. Thanks for shedding some light on this, as I was did not understand what read on their Facebook page. I’ve bought sample size products from this site in the past and had no problems with the products. They worked well. As you say I hope they get it sorted soon, sometimes people try to stall things when they see it working well. However, it now also means that he gauntlet has been thrown down for the manufactures of hair products in Britain to start catering to us naturals. We need good products that are affordable and easily accessible, and variety to fit the needs of the varied hair types that black people have.