Can you really reverse Grey Hair?

Just before Christmas I discovered my first grey hair. I wasn’t feeling it at all, I felt old and I wasn’t ready to be old yet. I tweeted about it where I asked my followers if I should rock it with pride or dye it. Some had been grey since their 20’s and just dye their hair or use henna; some said rock it with pride.

I actually think when a woman is all grey it’s beautiful like below  but I am not quite ready yet.

This is so beautiful though

This is so beautiful hair


This particular little hair was irritating me so, (she says in a small voice), I plucked it out. It is yet to return and to reassure you all, five more did not come in its place.

One follower said that she had grey hairs but she managed to reverse them with her diet of Adzuki Beans.  I had never heard of this so had to do my own research.


You can get them from any supermarket

You can get them from any supermarket

Well apparently people who eat these beans in their diet have reported that their grey hair has reversed, there are even shampoos made out of it.

The only thing scientific I could find was references to a study done 2005 by a Japanese company. I could not find the name.   They found that when they fed mice hot-water extract from boiled adzuki beans it stimulated the melanin production in their hair. However this was on mice.

It’s enough for me to give it a try; these beans can be bought from any supermarket and can be made into soups added to rice, salad or lots of delicious recipes.

Image Credit:

Made them into salads. Image credit:

Yum - Image from

Make them into lovely nourishing meals. Image Credit

Make them into soup. Image Credit

Make them into soup. Image Credit

They are high in soluble fibre, and rich in many different nutrients, including potassium, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and several other members of the vitamin B family. They’re also a fantastic source of magnesium, zinc, iron, copper and manganese so to be honest, whether you want to reverse your onset of grey or not they are a fantastic thing to add to a healthy diet.  Bring on the beans..



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  2. fedibengal says:

    Do you have to consume them or just boil them and put on the hair? I am willling to try anything.

  3. @ Fedibengal, hun I think just start eating them as part of your diet and see how it goes, I am definitely going to be doing that I will let you know how I get on.