Salon Review – Adornement365, Brixton

A few weeks ago I went back to Adornment365 Salon in Brixton, (You can see my very first review here) they have moved out of Morleys into a cosy place at 81 Atlantic Road.  I wanted a bit of pampering, you will note from my lack of posts I have been going through a busy time so I went for a nice treat.

Adornment Inside

Inside the new salon

The new salon, whilst smaller is quite nice. I loved the fact that the styling chairs are at a bar and you are offered snacks, water and different types of tea whilst you are getting your hair styled. The staff as always are professional and friendly and it makes me realise we don’t always have to do our hair ourselves, we can get someone else to do it whilst we relax.

My stylist was Cornelia and she was great. I had a treatment which was especially blended for me as I had colour on (my hair felt amazing afterwards) a blowdry and a trim. Quite a lot of hair was cut off during the trim which I wasn’t that happy about, however she explained that my hair needed it and to be honest I haven’t been for a trim in about a year. I also know that my hair is in a great place at the moment it will probably grow back quite quickly so I am over it. She said that if I come for regular trims my hair would not be so raggedy at the ends and I would not need as much cut off again so I might take that advice.  After this she then styled my hair into this cute protective style. (Excuse my no make up)

Adornment Style

Styled by Cornelia @ Adornment365.   Treatment, Blowdry trim and style £91 To book your appointment you can call 0207 737 5533

I love my fuss free hairstyle, its been in for over weeks now and has stayed neat although now I am missing my hair so it might come out this weekend!


What will we be doing on Sunday?

Well for those of you who have got tickets to the Supernatural Day we will be at Adornment365 in Brixton meeting up, chatting and having a great time.

Adornment365 sent me a list and here are of some of the things that will be taking place;

Holistic hair care and nutrition (am session only)
A365 Approach to colour (pm session only)
Styling demo/ Adornment365 Stylists
Aubrey Organics and Solaray Products talk about their range
MAC Make-up Demo (am only)
Bookings with discounted appointments and purchases
Mini facials and 50% off eyebrow shapes
Goodie bags for all
And of course – most important, it’s a natural meet up so let’s network!!

Thank you to adornment for hosting us 

There are only four tickets left for the afternoon session. 

From No Fro to the Blow Fro – My Day at Adornment365

Yesterday I went with a friend to Adornment365 (I will post her review soon)
I booked in for a treatment and a trim. If you have never been the Salon is based on the top floor of Morley’s shopping centre in Brixton. It’s a lovely warm friendly atmosphere and a very nice salon.

I was served by Tenisha she is great. First she washed my hair in a peppermint shampoo to cleanse the hair and scalp ,then she used some Aloe Vera to Condition. After this I had the African Rainforest Treatment this is a blend of oils and conditioner which they have created, she put this on my hair and then I went under the steamer for about 20 mins where I drunk Lemon and Honey tea and relaxed.

When I came out Omoveni saw to me, she had the hottest twist out I had ever seen, I wish I had a photo! My hair felt so soft and wonderful. Omoveni told me that to trim my hair she would have to blowdry it, I was a little gutted as I try to avoid all heat but I really wanted an even trim so I understood. She used a special detangler and worked through my hair section by section combing it out. Then she started to blowdry. I asked if I needed a heat protectant on before blowdrying but she said I would be fine.

Once my hair was dry I saw that one side was slightly longer than the other, she trimmed off the ends and evened up my hair so it was all the same length. She then moisturised it and I was good to go. My hair did feel and still does amazing so I was happy. The only downside was that there was no styling after that so I just had this blown out fro. I put the band I used for my puff around it and that was that. 


AFTER – I tried to style it…

After – Close UP – look how nice and soft…

I would definitely go back again just for a treatment as when I finished everything else This is what my bill looked like
  • African Rainforest Treatment – £25
  • Blowdry – £5
  • Trim –  £15
  • Hair Smoothie –  £19.99 (ran out of my curl harmony hair butter so this will be a nice substitute)
  • Jojoba and Aloe Condioner – £13.99 (saved me from ordering online)
Total £78.98!