Crown & Glory an Album Dedicated to Natural Hair (Win a copy!)

Anitra Jay is a R&B/Soul singer-songwriter based in Nashville and a while back she appeared in The Natural Lounge as a Natural Inspiration and offered us a free download of one of her songs.  (You can read her contribution here).

I was lucky to stay in touch and was delighted to hear that she has released a five song acoustic soul album all about the beauty of natural hair, it is called Crown & Glory.  I find that lately that some music genres I once enjoyed have become overcomplicated, with so many effects and very limited lyrics. I realise more and more that I prefer a less is more approach when it comes to songs. So I very much enjoyed listening Anitra and her guitar.

My favourite song was ‘Beautiful Mane’ where she talks about self acceptance (allowing herself to love her hair the way it grows) I also enjoyed the remix of “The Natural Hair Song,” featuring Original Soul, a hip-hop artist out of Dallas, TX.

You aren’t going to the club with this album, but I can see it playing softly in the background whilst you are relaxing somewhere nice, your garden, in front of the fire or with friends over dinner.


Win yourself a copy of the album


Anitra has kindly given me copies to give away to two lucky readers. If you want to win just comment  on this post with an answer to the following “if you had one word to describe natural hair what would it be?”
(UK entries only)

For more information about Anitra visit her website


A rapper releases a natural product….

When I think about rap music lately, I usually think of over sexualised videos, degrading women by calling things that we wouldn’t usually accept from anyone. Needless swearing, guns violence oh and don’t forget they either sold drugs or were in a gang. So as you can tell I would probably have to do a double take if they told me that a rapper launched a natural product.



Yes Philadelphia rapper Freeway alongside his long-time business partners Gary Parker and Jason Hertzog  has launched an all natural hand crafted beard cream. Yeah beard cream…so dont worry its not for your head curls. This organic cream is supposed to replenish natural oils and as a bonus it can also be used on a dry scalp.

Best Beards

Image Source

Now I haven’t heard his particular music but as you can see this dude really cares about his beard.  Look this is one serious beard!

Image Source

Image Source

It has also been endorsed by Rick Ross and Snoop Dog or is he Snoop Lion now? With sales of over 1200 since launch it must be working.  Perhaps gone will be the days of the scratchy beard and women with bearded men will be able to snuggle next to a fluffy cloud.

The product is called Best Beard Cream and can be purchased online here on the website it looks like they have three different types, original, holiday spice and blueberry (yum).

So gents would you buy it? Ladies would you give it to someone? Do you like beards, do you like Freeway’s music? looking forward to your comments.



Naomi Campbell with a Fro

Ok so it was only a wig but who saw these wonderful pictures of Naomi in her Afro Wig on the Graham Norton Show?

Doesn’t she look so stunning and very sexy, I wish she would keep it!

Naomi-Campbell-Afro Wig2

Naomi-Campbell-Afro Wig