Does The UK’s Leading Afro Stylist like our hair?

I have decided to have an event!! Whoooo hoooo I’m inviting all the UK Naturals, Transitioners and those who are not yet natural to come and join me for a meet up.  They have them all the time is the US so I don’t see why we can’t have one here.

It will be on the 2nd October at Traffic Bar in central London. It’s on a Saturday so those of you who live far away can come and I am giving you plenty of notice so I don’t want to hear any of you say you can’t make it.

I am still finalising the agenda but I am going to keep you updated along the way (so make sure you are on the mailing list) for more details visit the Events Page

Anyway I was looking for some sort of hair expert to come and give us a talk on the day and I came across a black guy called Errol Douglas.  He is the UK’s leading black and Asian hair stylist he even has an MBE for services to hairdressing and has won loads of awards so I was thinking yeah this could be the dude. He must know tons about hair. Anyway all his work seamed to be pictures of black women with fancy styled relaxers and weaves so I started to think that whist he might know a lot about relaxed heads he might not know much about natural sistas. I decided to keep an open mind and I hunted around the net  to read up a bit about him. Until I came across an interview in Lime Magazine online where in December/Jan he was asked the following 

Q: What is your advice to women with natural hair who find it difficult to vary their hairstyles without committing to a perm?

A:Shave it off. Forget it, no ones interested – only joking. Natural hair that is healthy looks beautiful and amazing. Natural hair that is dry, needs combing out and is picky is awful. It’s not flattering is it?

Wow!  My thoughts were immediately sometimes people say what they really feel when joking and then spend the rest of the time back tracking. Perhaps he is not the man for us. 

The search continues. 

Big up to Lime though, for providing a great, open and honest interview you can read the entire thing by clicking the link below. 

King of the Crop’s Interview in Lime Magazine