Aviela Shea Butter Products

Me & Patricia

Me & Patricia Monney – Aviela Founder

My current favourite product for moisturising my body is the Avelia Shea Body Butter, I use it every day (Ingredients Butyrospermum Parkii(Shea Butter) Oil, Vitis vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Shea Olien,  and Persia Gratissima (Avocado) Oil).

I first came across the brand at the professional beauty show last year where I met the owner Patricia Monney. Like many a natural entrepreneur Patricia started making her products in her kitchen at home in Hemel Hempstead. This month she shared some delightful news with me so I decided to have a quick catch up with Patricia to find out more…

Patricia Monney

Patricia Monney

So for those who don’t know your brand, Aviela is 9 years old. What inspired you to start?
Aviela Shea butter products started as a result of my daughter Charissa .  Even though I knew a lot about Shea butter because I come from Northern Ghana which is the hub of the Shea tree, I paid no attention to it at all.  But when Charissa was almost 2 years old and was still not walking as a new mum, I became worried.  While on holiday in Ghana I decided to visit a doctor to examine my daughter’s condition. The first doctor I saw confirmed that there was something wrong with her left ankle and she would probably need surgery. He then referred me to a bone specialist. When I met up with the bone specialist, he examined Charissa’s foot and asked me if I had ever heard of Shea butter. I excitedly told him that it was my mum’s favourite remedy for every skin and hair problem she had. He advised me to take Charissa home and massage her ankle with it twice a day and after 2 weeks he would determine whether an operation on her ankle was necessary.

I was quite upset about the prescription I was given and was thinking of not returning to see him. When I got home, I told my mother about my prescription and she said to give it a try. My mother took charge of it and massaged her granddaughter’s ankle with the Shea butter every morning and evening.

Three days afterwards, I saw Charissa on her feet trying to walk. By the 4th day, she was walking without any aid. I was so shocked and could not wait until the following week to see the doctor.

When I met the doctor after two weeks I asked him how the Shea butter had solved the problem. He explained to me that the cartilage in her ankle was very stiff, causing her not to stand properly, but the anti-stiffening agent in the unrefined Shea butter helped to induce some softness into her cartilage which helped her to stand on her feet comfortably, to allow her to walk. That very night when I got home I started calling all my Aunties and Uncles to find out more about Shea butter.  When they told me about some of the benefits and the many ailments it had helped healed I knew I had to find a way of bring it to the whole world.

The stand at the professional beauty event

That is incredible, the power of Shea!! So now you are an expert what is your favourite product in your own range?

I love all the products in the range, and what I use depends on the weather and season, for instance during the winter I can’t live without my body butter and foot butter for my feet, in the spring it will be my lotion and oil, then getting into Autumn it will be the body crème.  As for black soap I use it all throughout the year, morning and night.

So what was the good news?


That’s fantastic news is it in all Superdrug or are there certain ones we should head into?
Currently our products are being sold on their website, superdrug.com, but Superdrug have 4 types of stores which are respectively the Premium stores, the Prestige stores, the Family stores and the Travel stores, we have had discussions that the products will sit in either the Prestige or Premium stores but most likely in the Prestige stores.  We are still awaiting confirmation as to which stores it will be and where those stores are located.

How important do you think it is for our natural products to get into mainstream stores?
More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of natural products and would want to buy them, but they sometimes find it daunting just to go to natural product websites or stores and get them.  If the product is easily available to them they will much prefer that, so I believe it will be helpful if we made it more easily accessible by putting our products in the mainstream stores so they can easily get want they want and enjoy the benefits natural products has to offer.

Any advice for a natural product company trying to follow in your footsteps?
We all know that running a business is not easy, but you have to be able to define what you want and what you want your business to achieve, and be persistent and determined in achieving what you want irrespective of what people will say or think of you.  There will be a lot of ‘No’ but just remember that ‘No’ means not now but later.  I initially approached Superdrug a year after I started my business and never got a response, 8 years on I went back again and this time the decision wasn’t difficult for them to make.

Congratulations Patricia.

Readers to find out more you can visit www.aviela.co.uk

You can also visit www.superdrug.com to find the range on their website


New Range of Black Dolls With Natural Hair

I was having a look on Instagram the other night and came across this beautiful range of natural hair dolls.


They are the created by fashion model and doll collector Mala Bryan who is from St Lucia who was disappointed in the range of black dolls so decided to manufacture her own.

These dolls have different hair types from kinky to curls and all have their own names, skintones, jobs and personalities. They are called Maisha, Mala, Malina and Mhina



You can see them having their own lives on Instagram. Honestly they have had sleep
overs, been shopping and I have even spotted them on the beach





They are so lovely I don’t even know which is my favourite. Do you have a favourite?
For more information visit Malaville Toys



Professional Beauty show 2015


Hey Natural Loungers

I haven’t been ignoring you I promise. I am currently studying a degree in Leadership and Management and had two massive assignments due in last month, I swear every time I was on the computer it was like I was doing the work, I was counting down the days when they were over.

So…what I have I been up to? On the 22nd February I headed down to the Excel centre to the Professional Beauty show.  It was massive with over 450 exhibitors.

I was lucky to have a press pass and when I arrived I had one those moments of awe I felt like saying “I have a dream that every natural show should be like this”.  They even had a press lounge for me to recharge my phone, drink complementary drinks, sit and chat and relax.


A shot of Liquid Collagen….you know I did not drink this!

Every brand I had heard of had a stand there, from ORLY to Elemis. If you are in the beauty business or want to be, this was the show for you. You could buy all your equipment and stock and try out loads of things from massage beds to creams and lotions and potions. I had a brief look around and even watched the ORLY catwalk but to be honest I was more interested in the natural and organic section.


ORLY demonstrating how nails should be done

There were so many exhibitors in that section so here is a list of all that really caught my eye to shout out. In case you also want to buy more UK natural products from UK brands.

London Ethnic – Organic Skincare.

Yours truly Organics Organic Skincare for oily skin – look how beautifully their products were displayed.

P1050153 P1050155

Sense-U-Ality – all I could describe it as is sexy natural skincare


hmmm, what do you do with this?


Ok WOW….now how on earth was this tested?? hahaha


Fairfield Gardens They produce an award winning natural lip balm, it was beautifully packaged and Lillian Barker the owner, was absolutely lovely she gave me one to review which I will now I am back on with blogging.


Me with Lillian


Raid Of Aromas  – Natural body products

Aveila – Natural Bath body hair and skin care. The owner Patricia Monney gave me her Shea body butter to review which I will, do as well.

Lap Glam – A natural lip balm which can also be used as cuticle cream, spilt end soothers, mascara primers, eyebrow balm and shhhhh, they dont advertise it but nipple cream.


This show is well attended by buyers and wholesalers and any company that’s interested in reaching a wider audience, would do well to attend. If you are a small brand but aiming for the stars you really should consider shows like ‘Professional Beauty’. I know some of you natural brands would be well suited there.

Thank you to Shaherah Jordon for being my official photographer for the day.