Hair, Health, Exercise…oh and Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s Day Readers.


I know that some people would argue today is a just a made up celebration to get us to spend more money however I see it as a day where we are reminded to think about one another. I recently read about a lady that was found dead in her flat after around 3 years, she was surrounded by Christmas gifts and the TV had been on for the entire time. I felt this was particularly sad that no one had missed her all that time.  So even if you don’t have a special someone to get all romantic with, take this day to reach out to a friend you haven’t heard from in a while. This world is a lonely place sometimes.

Valentine’s day is not just about loving each other either, it’s about loving and taking care of ourselves and with that I am sure you might be interested to hear how my survey on hair, health and exercise is going.

Some Early Survey Results….

Most responses are from the UK, but  there have been a large number from the US as well

There have also been respondents from Jamaica, Sierra Leone and Tanzania to name a few places.

Most of you are natural and have been that way for at least 3 years (natural is growing!)

Guess what? some of you really don’t exercise at all because it would ruin their hairstyles

However I am not even halfway there yet, I need lots more of you to fill out the survey. So this is really a call to anyone that hasn’t filled it in yet. To those of you who have been thinking about it but haven’t got around to it. To those of you who haven’t forward it to every sista in your address book. Please Please Please do so.

I will publish the results and I think it’s important for us to get a true picture of ourselves. You can read all of the reasons why I started this survey here: (Read the Article)

The Survey Link is below I really appreciate all of your help.

Survey Link


The Poll Results.

Thank you for subscribing to The Natural Lounge. You don’t know how delighted I feel when I check the email subscriptions to see another five more people have signed up to get the emails from me.  Please continue to spread the word I think our natural community is going to be huge!

Now when I first started this site I did a poll to find out how many posts I could do a week without annoying you. The thing is whilst the posts are online, all the email subscribers get it in their inbox and I didn’t want them to feel spammed.

Anyway the majority said 7 or more times a week!

For those of you that said you only want  1 email a week please don’t panic and hit unsubscribe, time work and living my life means that I wouldn’t be able to post that often. However I have SO much to tell you and a huge backlog on posts, information and profiles that you might see a few more posts than normal but when things calm down on average it should be around 3 times a week.  

I think that’s about it.

I cannot wait to see you all at the meet up I am delighted to see the tickets selling already.

If you have any questions about that, or this or anything just give me a shout.

Subscribers I need your help – New Poll.

The Natural Lounge is a new site and its one week old today. I’m pleased to see that every day lots of you are signing up to receive emails. It’s going to be fantastic when we all have a big meet up. I have lots of natural hair information to share with you as well as many profiles and even a competition so please stay tuned.
I don’t want to bombard you with too many email and posts which can be annoying and you may not have time to read them all.  I also don’t you to be wondering why you aren’t getting any information. So I have created a poll on the website. It just asks the simple question;
What’s the maximum number of emails/new posts you could get from me a week and not be annoyed?  
Some people just can’t get enough of natural hair including myself but I need to know your thoughts.   If you are reading this via email please visit the website and vote. I will keep it up for a month.