I made a salon directory – Well tried to

So one thing many naturals or natural to be people want to know is where they can get their afro shaped up, or ends trimmed (yes your natural hair needs trimming regularly).  So I decided to create a salon directory.

I stupidly thought that this would be an easy task, just find salons that specialised in cutting and styling natural hair and publish a list. 

I spent a few weeks on this because I am sorry to say there really were not that many.  I hunted the net and forums and all over the place. 

I finally got a list together of 20 salons based all over the UK and on my lunch break at work I called each and every one of them. I asked them if they could cut and style type 3 and 4 natural afro hair. 

The Results 
9 salons had their numbers cut off – I presumed they didn’t exist anymore

3 salons just did not pick up the phone no matter what time I called night or day – this means I can’t add them to a directory if I can’t confirm anything about them 

2 of the salons said that although they advertise doing natural hair they can’t cut or style it – I said what do you do then and they told me that they could relax it (lol) one actually said “It will make it easier for you” 

That left me with a list of 6 salons to put on my directory

Sadly of those 6, 3 say they do locks only not natural free flowing hair this means that only 3 of all the 20 salons that I hunted out can cut, style and work with natural hair and only one of these uses natural products. 

No wonder people are scared of going natural; we haven’t got any hair salons! 

Here is my Salon Listing