Salon Review – Adornement365, Brixton

A few weeks ago I went back to Adornment365 Salon in Brixton, (You can see my very first review here) they have moved out of Morleys into a cosy place at 81 Atlantic Road.  I wanted a bit of pampering, you will note from my lack of posts I have been going through a busy time so I went for a nice treat.

Adornment Inside

Inside the new salon

The new salon, whilst smaller is quite nice. I loved the fact that the styling chairs are at a bar and you are offered snacks, water and different types of tea whilst you are getting your hair styled. The staff as always are professional and friendly and it makes me realise we don’t always have to do our hair ourselves, we can get someone else to do it whilst we relax.

My stylist was Cornelia and she was great. I had a treatment which was especially blended for me as I had colour on (my hair felt amazing afterwards) a blowdry and a trim. Quite a lot of hair was cut off during the trim which I wasn’t that happy about, however she explained that my hair needed it and to be honest I haven’t been for a trim in about a year. I also know that my hair is in a great place at the moment it will probably grow back quite quickly so I am over it. She said that if I come for regular trims my hair would not be so raggedy at the ends and I would not need as much cut off again so I might take that advice.  After this she then styled my hair into this cute protective style. (Excuse my no make up)

Adornment Style

Styled by Cornelia @ Adornment365.   Treatment, Blowdry trim and style £91 To book your appointment you can call 0207 737 5533

I love my fuss free hairstyle, its been in for over weeks now and has stayed neat although now I am missing my hair so it might come out this weekend!


Salon Review – Another Dye Mention – Ilford

Hi all, I hope you have been enjoying this festive season. I have been really taking it easy, relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. 

I am writing to tell you all about my visit to Another Dye Mention – a hair salon in Ilford which I went to a couple of weeks ago. I know of the salon from my relaxing days, the owner and stylist Jacquie was the one who cut out my relaxer when I decided to go natural, she is also a natural herself and wears locs.

Before I went I had been bored with my hair for a while. It was taking me ages to decide on doing something as in the past, boredom always spelt disaster however one day I just made the choice and decided to go ahead and get something done.

As I had not been in at least 3 years so I was nervous before going, I even packed my own hair products (The design essentials range) and detangled myself the night before.


In big twists ready for action…

When I got there the salon was clean and calm and friendly. The girl that combed out the big twists I had put in did so gently from ends to root which I was pleased about so I need not have worried.

So what did I have done? I decided to have a splash of colour on, a little copper to brighten up my life. This was applied just to the front area of my hair.  I sat with it on for a while, chatting to the other ladies in the salon. I was even offered tea.

They use the Kera Care Natural’s range for naturalista’s like us. You can even buy them there. However because I had come with my own products they used them. My hair was washed and conditioned and the colour came out exactly as I wanted – well it had to didn’t it, think of the salon’s name.

I wanted to do a roller set but it wasn’t quite working for my hair so decided to get it blowdried. To be honest I am not scared of the dryer, I don’t mind having it dried a few times a year. However my only criticism is the hair drying was too much, it was dried until it was straight as a bone and then the lady kept going even past the point of it being dry. They did put a heat protector on so I didn’t suffer heat damage but I am not used to my hair being dried so much. After the dryer Jacquie came and styled it with a hair curler (more heat) it looked nice though.


Feeling this colour –  not feeling that I didn’t have any make up on haha

So I won’t opt for that finishing next time. Yes, there will be a next time…I would defiantly go back, sometimes just having your hair washed by someone else is a nice treat and it’s a welcoming friendly place.  They have products we could use or you can take your own and I drove and found parking easy. It was £60 for the whole thing, very reasonable considering other salons plus Jacquie is highly skilled and I would be confident to go to her for any sort of cut, colour or styling.

So just in time for this glorious season I went all coppery.  My mum liked it too!

If you want to find more details of this salon’s or others near you, have a look on my salon directory 


Salon Review – Mahogany Hair Spa Milton Keynes

When Tope Beesley of Mahogany Hair Spa and the Mahogany Naturals product range gave me a call to invite me to her salon I was delighted. I was yet to try the Mahogany Naturals range and I loved the fact that she also styled hair.

Tope Beesley 

Mahogany Hair Spa is based in Milton Keynes so last weekend I took my little car up the M1 to check it out.  I always hear jokes about Milton Keynes and roundabouts but on arriving into the town I found it’s actually true. I went through roundabout after roundabout and I was starting to wonder if I was going around in circles but I got there ha-ha.

Tope rents a chair inside another salon which is bright calm and clean, they also do nails in there if you fancy it. There is lots of parking there but you have to pay this didn’t bother me it was definitely not London prices.

The Salon
List of services 

So what did I have done?

To start with hair was shampooed twice, first with Ayurvedic moisture rich shampoo then with the SUPER Re-constructive Rhassoul & silk amino acids shampoo bar…oooh having your hair washed by someone else…that’s a real treat for me.

Then a treatment was applied for me to go under the steamer, this was the Rhassoul, Cocoa & Honey Deep Hair Treatment.

Shrunk up hair, ready to steam 
Look at this portable lovely steamer and its not a huetiful one either. 
I went under the steamer for about 15/20 minuted my only bugbear is I wish she had put a plastic cap on me, as I went under with my hair loose, water it just dripped down my forehead and face. That said when I came out my hair was SO soft the steam treatment was worth it.

She styled my hair in these rows as you can see they all sort of go to one side and I like them. Its a good protective style which my hair certainly needs!  

Unlike other salons she just did my hair from wet, she did not need to blow-dry my hair first. Tope’s hand is gentle, I felt no pulling or stress on my hair whilst she braided. Each time she parted my hair she used a mixture of the luscious hair milk and moisturising curl gel styler on each section.

When my hair was done she put on some some Ayurvedic herbal hair oil and I was good to go.

I enjoyed my visit to the salon and would go again. I think the most important thing when you are visiting a hairdresser is to be made to feel relaxed and happy and during my time there I felt I was chit chatting with an old friend. 

A deep conditioning steam treatment is £25 and the natural style is £50

To make an appointment to visit Mahogany Hair Spa call Tope on 07812 411873

The address is: Exchange house, 458 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, England.

If you wish to buy any of the products I have mentioned visit the Mahoany Natruals online store