Back to Basics for loc wear and care

Are you interested in started locs? Or have you ever wanted to learn how to better maintain your locs? Well Author and blogger Astrid Raphaelle has created a new ebook called “Back To Basics : Getting back to starting and maintaining classy locs, the natural, affordable & simple way”.  This book is available in French and English and priced at £1.26 from amazon.

Back to Basics by Astrid Raphaelle

Astrid says “I wrote this book for those who want to achieve a neat and classy look with locs the simple way”

As a non loc wearer myself I found the book a very quick read and very easy to understand. However I would have liked to see more pictures as there were only two images and then twenty four pages of text. Despite this I would say that the book has a common sense approach and has has several chapters which include, what hair is, how to start locs and how to maintain them. It also has information on how to shampoo, condition, retwist and daily maintenance.

For further information or if you want to purchase the book you can visit Amazon

Or Astrid’s website



Dionne Smith

 This month sees the launch of Dionne Smith Academy, an eponymously titled new teaching institute offering quality courses in hair and beauty. If you are a hair enthusiast, chances are you would’ve come across the name Dionne Smith in recent years. As one of the most innovative, dynamic, talented and prolific Afro hair specialists in the UK, Dionne has amassed a huge following of supporters who are in awe of her ability to create stunning, wearable hairstyles to suit all textures of hair.

An award-winning hairdresser, Dionne has tended to the tresses of Naomi Campbell, Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji and Charlene White to name a few. The London based star stylist has a steady presence in leading hair titles, and currently produces a double page spread in Blackhair magazine called ‘Style Desire’ where every issue she demonstrates a new style trend, in addition to a monthly page in OK! Nigeria. Her work has also appeared in Black Beauty & Hair,  HAIR magazine, Hairstyles Only and Hair Now. Dionne is also an in-demand session stylist and has represented top hair brands such as Sleek, Design Essentials and Elite UK Team during exhibitions, and was recently appointed an ambassador for Curlformers.

After 17 years of hairstyling Dionne is now ready to impart her knowledge to the next generation of stylists with Dionne Smith Academy. Courses include an Introduction to Hairdressing, Bridal Hair and Updos, Cutting Course, and Introduction to Make Up. Dionne says, “I eat, drink and breathe hair. I’m so passionate about our industry, and I am a real advocate for education, so  I can’t wait to get started with my academy and pass on all I have learned over the last 17 years.”After successful completion of the course students will receive a CPD (continued professional development) certificate that will provide a solid foundation for them to kickstart their career, or furthermore, enhance the skills they already have. Courses are mainly practical and will be conducted in a group format, but can be taught on a bespoke one-to-one basis too.


Email to book, make further enquiries or request an interview.

To find out more information about Dionne Smith Academy visit For regular updates and information about promotions follow @dionnesmithhair on Twitter and Dionne Smith Hairstylist on Facebook. 


Dye Fail…



Okay I know they always say ‘get it done professionally’ but I was in Holland and Barrett last friday and spotted the same natural hair colour the hairdresser used on me years ago. This was when I coloured a section of my hair light brown. So on a whim I purchased it and decided I was going to do my hair myself.


Dye is a chemical process but this is as natural as it gets..

I never ever have time to go to salons lately and I really wanted a change, so when I got home I literally ran up the stairs and sectioned off my hair as once again I was just going to do a section. I had a family reunion the next day and was hoping to look great!


The top section is what I was going to do…


This is the colour I chose


I put on the colour and I left it on for 10mins, I thought I could see something happening but realised after it was only the camera flash.



I then waited 20 mins and then 30 mins just like the box said but nothing at all was happening




I didn’t want to leave it longer than the box said so so I washed it off and…well erm…NOTHING HAPPENED! I guess my hair was not interested.   I am probably lucky but my hair is the same happy and healthy that it was beforehand.


From the side change there then…


From the top…

oh well…probably wont do that again then….

Anyone had a good experience with home hair colouring?