Wigs, Weaves & Winter – Protective Styling Tips from Nazuri Curls!

I hear the phrase from a lot of people that they like to ‘put their hair away for winter’ this usually translates as either purely protective styling (wearing their own hair in buns, twist and up-do’s) and for others this means putting on a wig or weave for a little while.

There are so many options out there for the weaves at the moment and one I came across recently is called Nazuri Curls it’s a UK based company that provides natural textured hair extensions, clip-ins and wigs to ladies who want to embrace their hair texture whether that’s natural, transitioning or relaxed. They have been operating since 2013 and have gained a great international customer base since then particularly with natural hair ladies and with their custom wig offering.

Afro Wefted Hair - Nazuri Curls

Afro: Wefted Hair From Nazuri Curls (Starts from £60) Cant believe this is not her hair!!


One of my favourite bloggers Natural Belle is doing a hair growth challenge at the moment using her Nazuri Curls custom wig click this link to check it out 

So, for my wig and weave wearing readers, I asked one of the founders of Nazuri Curls, Yasmin Kamara if she had any protective style tips for people this winter and she gave me their top tips!


  1. It Starts at the Roots

Is your braid pattern protecting your hair?

*Look after the perimeter of your hair as this will be where the most amount of pressure is being applied – try and use a horizontal ‘anchor cornrow’ at your nape to hold your wig or weave in place.

*Do not wear cornrows that are too small – you’ll need to access your scalp when washing / moisturising your extensions

*Do not wear cornrows that are too tight! This pressure could pull on your scalp, break your hair and prevent the growth your trying to achieve

*If adding extensions to your cornrows bear in mind that these may remove additional moisture from your hair

  1. What’s in your spray bottle?

It’s essential that you keep your hair underneath your extensions hydrated!

*Water is of course the most important thing to use for moisture and we recommend accompanying this with a leave-in conditioner. You can also add a light oil such as coconut oil or almond oil to the spray mixture.

*Try not to use heavy butters or conditioners / creams that have silicone’s on your scalp on a daily basis – you do not want to clog your scalp / create build up as if this accumulates under your extensions you will stifle your hair growth

*Don’t forget to look after your leave out if you have any. Spraying a water based mixture or using a cream on your leave out regularly works well with textured extensions but for other styles, using an oil based product will avoid your hair reverting to its natural state whilst still allowing you to add some moisture


  1. Let’s Keep it Clean

If you’re wearing your protective style for a long time then washing your scalp cannot be avoided

*This is the make or break of protective styles – build-up on your scalp can stifle growth and also reduce the longevity of your style. This is where wearing a wig has its main benefits as you have full access to your scalp. If wearing a weave, we recommend co-washing using a spray bottle and gently rubbing your scalp with your fingers to cleanse the scalp

*If using a shampoo to cleanse make sure you rinse out all the product, residues of shampoo on your scalp can dry out your hair

*Make sure that your hair is completely dry, do not walk around with a damp head it could cause mold! We recommend air drying or sitting under a hooded dryer with the temperature on cool or using a blow dryer on a cool setting. Alternatively you could wear your hair up to reduce drying time whilst air drying

Yasmin also kindly gave the readers of The Natural Lounge this wonderful discount code allowing for 20% off Custom Wigs. The Code is NATURALBELLEPSC20

For more information visit www.nazuricurls.com

Do you protective style during the winter? Have you tried a Natural Weave or Wig before?


A natural weave – could there be such a thing?



Weaves are always and forever will be controversial. You have those people that stand by them, prefer them, spend money on them and make them look good. You have another group who would rather die than wear anything else on their head and make them look bad (imagine some long blond tracks showing rats nest of a weave). I often go to an event where someone with a weave quickly confesses to me that they are ‘Natural underneath’ or they wear this to ‘protect their hair’.  Then you have those weave haters that cannot stand them yet you know they must have worn one in the past. Trust me you even have men in on the subject, I literally have heard one black guy say to me that he prefers a European woman explaining that why would he date someone with a weave? He might as well get someone with the real thing (insert annoyed frown here).

So what if you could have a weave that looked like your natural hair?


Charal Taylor  is the co-founder of  Beauty Masterpiece a Fashion and Beauty Company based in London. She has been natural for almost three years.  A few weeks ago the company just launched a Natural Hair Weave Line which includes; Closures, clip-in weaves and clip-in closures. These products come in textures ranging from 4a-4c.

Charal says “As a natural I understand the importance of protective styling and its essential benefit in ensuring that we achieve length with minimum breakage. I have been protective styling for the last two year with braids and buns. However whenever my braids were in I couldn’t wash my hair the way i wanted to or enjoy my curls. That to me seemed like a waste since I love being natural and I love my texture. The problem was that there seemed to be no weave or clip-in hair options for my texture in the UK.

So I decided to create a line which catered to textures between 4a and 4c. My natural hair line offers the versatility of colouring, straightening and manipulating your hair on a daily basis without affecting the health of your own hair. As a bonus this line offers newly naturals a chance to experience what it will be like to be natural”

The website is here www.beautymasterpiece.co.uk check it out and let me know what you think



Weave get gone!!…..well for one day only

Project Embrace an organisation which aims to create more natural hair images in the public eye is calling for all weave wearers to ditch the weave for one day only.  On the 31st March they are holding an ‘I am enough’ day.

Project Embrace

This is how they describe it:

The IamEnoughDay is a Project Embrace campaign to promote and celebrate self-acceptance and self-love. Many women find it difficult to ditch the weave and sport their natural hair even though they know the weave is damaging their own hair.

So we are calling every woman on the 31st of March to be courageous and ditch anything fake about their hair and go about your business for the day with their own hair. 

They have T-shirts and badges for sale and encourage those taking part to facebook, twitter and Instagram thier pictures with with reason’s they are  enough #iamenoughday

The aim is to encorage women and girls that they are enough and beauty is not dependant on what hair you have. They also want people to embrace their hair and they are hoping it will raise money for their billboard campaign.

So, I like the idea its simple and easy to be part of it especially for me that doesn’t wear a weave. All us naturals need to do is take a photo with our hair out and put why we are enough.  My husband however says its impractical for weave wearers as you cant get rid of a weave for a day (I have to laugh at this, I have taught him way too much about natural hair!) What are your thoughts? will you be taking part?

For more information please visit this link iamenoughday