Changing Concepts – Fashion, Hair & Beauty Event Summary

You might have noticed I haven’t blogged much recently, can you believe I have had the flu! Yes thats right a summer flu, it has not been fun at all. I am just glad my hair is in two strand twists so I could just sneeze and cough around the house with my headtie on and not worry about it. When I wasn’t sleeping I potted around and browsed the net/facebook. It was all very depressing but I am safe to say that my daytime TV was not Jeremy Kyle, it was YouTube.

I thought I should tell you how the Changing Concepts Event went. Well, it was a really nice few hours. In fact I wish we had more time. As you know it took place in Kings Cross I think about 30 people attending, if that. I was delighted to meet for the first time Keisha Jo from British Curlies. Also in attendance was Margo Rodway Brown from Adornment and few lovely bloggers including Crystal from United Kinkdom, and Michelle aka Naturally Nubian.

The event was run and hosted by Jeffrey Lennon, the Director of the Urban Enterprise Network. He started by giving us some drinks and some lunch and when we were all relaxed the debate kicked off. First of all we heard from Shevelle Rhule of Pride Magazine who shared her hair story with us and gave us some very wise words she said “Natural hair is a statement – its a statement of individuality!” Hannah Pool of the Guardian, shared her hair story with us as well including some of her current challenges. It was fantastic to hear both ladies, I was surprised that they were both naturals even though their hair was straight and I was definitely inspired by both of them – (sorry I am not giving you that much detail on everything they said between sickness and time I am having difficulty writing this)

Then we all debated hair. We could have gone on all afternoon, I had my five mins air time, where I talked about The Natural Lounge, how it started and why, and different people also gave their point of views about natural hair. I enjoyed the event because it’s not often you get people just sitting around talking and sharing, whilst we didn’t solve any problems, I definitely learnt a few things. Some of which I will be blogging about soon. I also got a chance to network and share ideas. I hope you will come to the next one.

For now…here are some photos courtesy of Urban Enterprise Network and Terri Lee-Shield Photography.

Jeffrey Lennon (Urban Enterprise Network)
Keisha Jo (British Curlies) and Me 🙂 

Hannah Pool (The Guardian) & Shevelle Rhule (Pride Magazine)

Margo Rodway Brown – Adornment
I loved the girl on the left’s hair!
Naturally Nubian

Crystal Ford (United Kinkdom)



  1. It is so odd that I have never heard of so many of these people, yet I feel like I should – google job lol.

    Thanks for the update – hope you get better soon!

  2. It was the closest to a natural hair meet up Iv ever been to (until tonight, lol).

    Glad I went tho. I didn’t realise that both Hannah and Shevelle were actually naturals. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Definitely coulda done with more time.

    Crystal x

  3. If possible, I’d love to know what the different view points were on natural hair?


  4. @JC yes lol Google should help you, I am much better thank you so much

    @Crystal Afro, Yeah its only when I heard their stories I realised they were wearing blow outs – and bloody good ones as well!

    @LEla7 there were not that many different view points actually, everyone there was natural (I think) so we were all on the same page, the discussions were more on how we can gain momentum and get shops to stock our products and magazines to feature women with natural hair.