I found a product which I like. (UK Based as well) 

After the disaster caused to Sri Lanka during the Tsunamai in 2004, Gary Stiven – a veteran disaster emergency expert wanted to help the local people. He invented a way that they could help themselves instead of relying on handouts by creating Coconoil.

Coconoil is a certified virgin organic coconut oil which I discovered a few weeks ago. As well as being all those lovely things it’s also an ethically produced product. It comes in many sizes from a 250g tub to a 10kg container and smells fabulous.

Coconut Oil has many benefits for our hair and skin and even our bodies.You can use it on your hair the night before washing as a pre shampoo treatment. Many natural’s report their hair looks and feels softer afterwards. You can use it as an ingredient in your home made spritz or hair butter. You can use it as a selant after moisturising and it can even be a light moisturiser for your skin. I even know that you can fry your eggs in it (don’t worry they wont smell or taste of coconut)

I have been using it on my hair for a year now and always try and get the most natural version. So I guess now that will be Coconoil, at least when I buy it I will know I am helping someone somewhere!

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  1. Hi Angel. Firstly let me say I love your blog. So good to have a wicked UK blogger! Please keep up the wonderful work, it’s very much appreciated. Funnily enough I bought Coconoil about a month ago and have been using it daily as a sealant, weekly in my deep conditioning treatment and sometimes as a pre-poo. I absolutely love it and you’re right about the smell it’s gorgeous! I got the 460g size tub and you know what, I’ve hardly touched the surface of it! Thanks for posting!


  2. @ Shaz, thank you so much for your comments, they were so nice and you really made my day. I am glad you are enjoying your coconoil!

  3. Coconut oil is really effective in treating the hair damage.

  4. @hair re-growth for men yeah its fantastic, I love this products

  5. I hope there still many information like this.

  6. I love this brand and i have been using Coconoil since 2010 and i love it.I use it as on my skin and have used it to seal also.It lasts for ages and great to take with you on holiday.