Confession Time

My confession
It started two years ago when I went natural I wanted to try different products on my hair to share with you and to find the very best for my kinky curls.

At first I bought one, then two, got sent a few samples, went to a few events and now…yes readers now (hangs head in shame)…I am a product junkie!!

It’s not that I don’t want to keep trying new stuff. The problem is once tried if I didn’t like It I hoard it and if I did like it I use it so much that I never try anything else that arrives until its used up. So I end up with a pile up…a backlog…bottles everywhere!
This is a selection of what I have at home right now. Since taking these photos I have even more.

Some of it has only been used once some never. When my friends come to visit me they always leave with something but the pile keeps growing. I got rid of some last year at the event. I had a swap shop so just put loads of stuff in there and didn’t bother to swap back. I think I am just going to have to hold a one off swap shop in the new year to get rid of it all.

Being a product junkie is something I really don’t recommend.  If you find something that works for you and is good for your hair stick with until it runs out and then either buy it again or try that new stuff you have been wanting. If you can’t wait to try something then try and get a sample pack or a trial sized version.
hmmm I am not buying or trying another hair product for the rest of 2012!

Anyone else with this problem?


  1. Wow, this is really something. So much products with no one to enjoy or benefit from their use.

    Please, don’t let it go to waste or expire.

    You can please, swap it on a new product swap forum I introduced on my blog here.

    I will really appreciate if you do so. Thanks

  2. wow that is quite a stash. i a few things i’m trying but my collection is no where near as yours, lol. and i get through things relatively quickly anyway.

  3. There is way too much stuff there lol! My policy is

    1. Never keep anything I don’t like, use it first, use it quickly, mix it with something I like or throw it
    2. Never purchase a full size bottle of something I want to try unless it is on 50% off. I will look for a sample size and if it is not there, I will not buy.
    3. Never purchase more than one product to try unless it is 50% off.
    4. Always have your staples in stock so that if you try something new and it is awful, you can correct it by using your staple products.

  4. I like your rules JC, but couldn’t 2 stop you from finding some good staples?

  5. LOL! And I thought I was bad. Sorry but had to share this post with my DH, he thinks I have a real PJ problem! Honestly I do and your stash makes me drool!

    My church was asking for toiletries to give to women in detention centres and few months ago. I used that opportunity to donate a lot of my stuff.I hope they found them useful.

    I am just trying to stick to staple products for now but it is so hard! Natural hair is so much fun!

  6. @ African Naturalista – I will probably hold an event where everyone can come down and swap thier stuff, they wont go to waste don’t worry.

    @MsXpat – yeah I need to run down everything!

    @JC – so right, I just feel wasteful just throwing, but its a good idea, it goes off after a while anyway.

    @Lela – good point!

    @Koily K – lol at least I have a fellow sister who knows what it’s like. It is so hard to stick to staple products.