Do you have an afro – Photography Exhibition

About a year ago I came across Errol  a London based portrait, music and fashion photographer. After placing an advert on the internet inviting people with afros to come for a photo shoot he built a collection of fantastic photographs and called it “DO you have an afro” when I saw the pictures I quickly begged him to photo me but he didn’t 🙁 lol

Anyway he is displaying some of his collection at the Lounge in Brixton from the 11th October to the 14th November.

In regards to what influenced the style of the photographs, Errol says: “I was really influenced by an early 80s American soul/funk band called the Ohio Players, they had the most amazing Afros and now iconic album covers. I’ve always been interested in people that do things with passion, dedication and sometimes run against the flow.”

The photos are great here are a few.  

I might go down there to check the rest out. Shout me if you want to join me 🙂

Here is the Lounge’s website for contact details and opening times.

And this is Errol’s Website  



  1. I might go, it looks good!

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