Documentary film Premiere – The Truth about Black Hair

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Can you remember when I reviewed Noire Essence Products? In my review I mentioned to you that they were filming a documentary. Well I am excited to tell you that its all done and it will be premiering at the Startford  PictureHouse London next month on the 21st November.


Thought provoking documentary that examines the question of why hair is not just hair for  Black women.

“People always make assumptions on who you are as a person based on your hair. If you wear your hair natural you must be conscious, if you wear your hair in extensions then you must be quite superficial and shallow.”

The film takes a deeper dive into the phenomenon and the reason why there is so much historical attachment to black hair.


It also looks at the scientific characteristics of black hair and the effects of the structural differences it has on those who wear it and debunks the myths long accepted by many “Black hair doesn’t grow, Black hair is tough and strong, etc.”


The Truth about Black hair is very much a modern day story; exploring the factors that influence people’s hair choices today and the negative effects that sometimes lead to.


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