Dry Hair? Drink Water

In my last post I mentioned that on the plane I tried to drink water but I was still dry. In fact throughout the holiday I made sure I was property hydrated. I would not usually pay that much attention to it but I think this was because this was one of the most important things I took from supernatural day.

I remember the speaker saying to us that not drinking enough water is one of the reasons why most of us find we have dry hair. She said “Imagine a house with no water and you need to wash the dishes, flush the toilet and even clean the windows, this is what the body has to do so if you don’t drink a good filtered water how is it supposed to do its job?”

She went on the say that the body is going to use every drop it can find to do its job so your skin and hair are the first places it will take water from.

The thing is, I already try and sip water throughout the day I don’t always get the recommended amount but I do ok. My hair isn’t that dry and grows at a steady pace, Andrew on the other hand doesn’t drink as much water and his hair can be dry and takes ages to grow so during our break away I made sure I told him all about the benefits and we both drunk lots of water…

So thats my Lesson 2 – Drink lots of water, 2.2 Litres a day. Drink it on the plane and during your break, if you are in a hot country and you sweat, swim or do any form of exercise you will need to drink even more. 

How is your water intake do you drink much?



  1. This is one of those things that I’ve known that I should do but haven’t and since I’ve gone natural, I’ve noticed that I have a very dry scalp no matter how regularly I shampoo it. So thanx for the encouragement, I’m definitely upping my water intake!!!

  2. Great advice! I realise I should drink so much more water because I don’t and it just effects my general health. I realised when I’m well hydrated I’m more alert/focused, less distracted, I’m not snacking as much, my skin looks better also! And obviously if you’re not drinking enough water your body will cut off circulation to your hair as it isn’t a vital organ.


  3. @Nomusa, you are in the same boat as me, we know we should do it but it’s hard to stick to.

    @Nia, right I am definitely drinking more right now after you wrote that!!