Dye Fail…



Okay I know they always say ‘get it done professionally’ but I was in Holland and Barrett last friday and spotted the same natural hair colour the hairdresser used on me years ago. This was when I coloured a section of my hair light brown. So on a whim I purchased it and decided I was going to do my hair myself.


Dye is a chemical process but this is as natural as it gets..

I never ever have time to go to salons lately and I really wanted a change, so when I got home I literally ran up the stairs and sectioned off my hair as once again I was just going to do a section. I had a family reunion the next day and was hoping to look great!


The top section is what I was going to do…


This is the colour I chose


I put on the colour and I left it on for 10mins, I thought I could see something happening but realised after it was only the camera flash.



I then waited 20 mins and then 30 mins just like the box said but nothing at all was happening




I didn’t want to leave it longer than the box said so so I washed it off and…well erm…NOTHING HAPPENED! I guess my hair was not interested.   I am probably lucky but my hair is the same happy and healthy that it was beforehand.


From the side ..no change there then…


From the top…

oh well…probably wont do that again then….

Anyone had a good experience with home hair colouring?



  1. You are very brave to go through all that Angel! I had my hair dyed after much deliberation and I am overly happy with the results. I went to my local Lush store in Luton! They have a Henna dye with Cocoa Butter and it costs me £10 for the dye (and they give you whats left over) the application and washing it out a few hours later (well it is messy so I didnt fancy doing that at home). They were a little apprehensive at first as they had only ever applied it to one other \\\”natural\\\” hair. But they did a good job and I have been back since and certainly plan to go again. The applicaion is very easy, they melt the Henna as you would do chocolate over hot water and once applied they wrap in cling film and you keep it on for as long as you want. Then return to the shop or rinse out at home. It looks fantastic, I cant knock it. There is a young chap at the Liverpool Street branch and he is very used to doing natural hair. They dont however rinse out at that store.