From No Fro to the Blow Fro – My Day at Adornment365

Yesterday I went with a friend to Adornment365 (I will post her review soon)
I booked in for a treatment and a trim. If you have never been the Salon is based on the top floor of Morley’s shopping centre in Brixton. It’s a lovely warm friendly atmosphere and a very nice salon.

I was served by Tenisha she is great. First she washed my hair in a peppermint shampoo to cleanse the hair and scalp ,then she used some Aloe Vera to Condition. After this I had the African Rainforest Treatment this is a blend of oils and conditioner which they have created, she put this on my hair and then I went under the steamer for about 20 mins where I drunk Lemon and Honey tea and relaxed.

When I came out Omoveni saw to me, she had the hottest twist out I had ever seen, I wish I had a photo! My hair felt so soft and wonderful. Omoveni told me that to trim my hair she would have to blowdry it, I was a little gutted as I try to avoid all heat but I really wanted an even trim so I understood. She used a special detangler and worked through my hair section by section combing it out. Then she started to blowdry. I asked if I needed a heat protectant on before blowdrying but she said I would be fine.

Once my hair was dry I saw that one side was slightly longer than the other, she trimmed off the ends and evened up my hair so it was all the same length. She then moisturised it and I was good to go. My hair did feel and still does amazing so I was happy. The only downside was that there was no styling after that so I just had this blown out fro. I put the band I used for my puff around it and that was that. 


AFTER – I tried to style it…

After – Close UP – look how nice and soft…

I would definitely go back again just for a treatment as when I finished everything else This is what my bill looked like
  • African Rainforest Treatment – £25
  • Blowdry – £5
  • Trim –  £15
  • Hair Smoothie –  £19.99 (ran out of my curl harmony hair butter so this will be a nice substitute)
  • Jojoba and Aloe Condioner – £13.99 (saved me from ordering online)
Total £78.98!



  1. I had the African Rainforest treatment too, it’s lovely!
    I also bought the smoothie and had a trim, but not a blowdryer in sight. I didn’t like the fact they left me to style my hair afterwards.

    Also it makes little sense, because if they left our hair adorned we’d have people compliment and ask us where we had our hair done.

    I still like the place and the smoothie was heavenly.

  2. Dionne Ible says:

    Hi Angel

    That was a great review. I have been to Adornment365 before and had a hair analysis when I had locks. They were extremely professional and helpful and I bought a couple of products at the time too. I am going to take my daughter there to see if they can help me “tame” her hair as she has lots of it which I find hard to deal with. I shall probably end up with a pretty high bill afterwards but hey, you get what you pay for I guess ;o)

  3. £78 is kind of steep for a blowdry treatment. Well at least they specialise in natural hair which only a handful of UK salons do.

  4. The bill says that a treatment is £25 and a blow dry is £5 – total £30, not £78.

  5. That is a shame though Angel that they don’t style it after – what are you supposed to do?

    It sounds great. Based on your review I think I’ll go there for my treatments and trims from time to time. I also need to start getting some kind of rinse to cover my grey.

    At least she didn’t blow dry it straight, straight, straight.

  6. @ Bobbie, Yeah I liked it there, they did email me after the review and said that you can request basic styling after your treatment if you like, prices start from £5

    @Dionne, the amount of people that are emailing me saying they will check it out, its great, it is quite pricey but you do get what you pay for.

    @Victoria, Yeah it was a high bill but the treatment alone was £25. I really wish we had more salons.

    @Anonymous, yeah that’s right £30 if you don’t need anything else doing

    @ Shonawe, they did email me and say that you can request styling from £5 I hope you enjoy it when you go.

  7. Your experience sounds great, but actually the blow dry thing is what put me off visiting Adornment365 (after having read some reviews). I’ve been natural for 11 years but it is only in the past year that I have discovered practises that have made my hair thrive. I would definitely not let anyone blow out my hair to trim it. I’ve had 2 trims in the past year, and they were both done on my hair in its curly state (VERY tight curl, and more kink than anything else). One by Lorraine Massey at Devachan and one by Carlos Flores when he came to London. They both came out great. Now that I know it is possible, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    But I am glad to see some positive reviews, and your hair looks fab, so I might bite the bullet and give them a try (not for a trim, but for other stuff. That rainforest treatment sounds lush!) Thanks for posting this.

  8. @ Anonymous, you could do the rainforest treatment and ask them not to blowdry it, especially if you dont need a trim.

    Where is Devachan? I should add them to the salon directory…