Goodbye Scissors

Hey natural beauties, I hope your week is going ok its tube strikes in London tomorrow that is always fun for everyone.

Hair Length 040214

Hair Length as of last night

Last night I was looking at my hair…I took out those twists at the weekend and have been wearing a twist out updo.

I have been natural for about four years, and have really just concentrated on the health of my hair, never length. In fact I wrote one time on how I don’t care how long it is I just want a healthy hair, this was important to me.

With this attitude, I was not afraid to cut it, and have done so several times, an inch here, a couple of inches there, and one time even 4 inches…after all it grows back right? However now I am going to (try and) stop and leave the scissors alone.

From the front..

Its past my collarbones…

I actually sat down and wondered just how long my hair would be if I had not done all those cuts and with that thought I have decided that this year I am all about growth. I am going to have a goal length. I want to grow my hair until it’s just below my boobies and I am not going to cut, colour, or do any other thing to it again until it’s that length.


Goodbye Scissors

I wonder how long it will take me, I guess I need to look up some statistics on hair growth…watch this space..



  1. I don’t worry about shrinkage in styling but I confess while I focus on healthy I like to see growth too. Even as a lady with processed hair I’ve rocked a few bobs and pixie cuts so now as natural I’m curious to see how long my hair will grow so I only cut my hair once twice yearly. The truth is I dont think it needs more than that. I always stress to the hairdresser NEVER cut more that is necessary. End of Feb will be four years since I’ve been natural too! Well done curlfriend :0)

  2. Thats exactly what I’m doing. I did my third big chop last Friday and from here on I’m not going to cut or colour it either. Just trims as and when required. As for growth, everyone is different but I know by the time the summer is out my hair length will be just by my collar bone as my hair grows quite quickly. Good luck with your growth goal and stay away from those scissors 🙂

  3. @MsXpat yeah we did it!!

    @Natalye, loved your website, some nice products! Yes I will try and stay away from cutting! Third big chop! Go Girl!

  4. It’s amazing the commitment you have given for keeping your hair healthy. I will be staying tuned for this journey. It’s also a good way to assess the rate of growth of your hair if you just let it be. 🙂

  5. Good luck! It’ll be great to see how it goes for you.
    I’ve been trying for a while now and making minimal progress (or at least, so it seems…). But hey, minimal progress is still progress! 🙂