Hair Boredom

The other day it finally happened to me, I was standing and looking in the mirror and wondering what to do with my hair and then suddenly it hit! Hair Boredom!!

Yes that’s right, I was fed up of my hair and did not know what to do with it.

In January I am going to be two years natural and my hair is now (after two quite hefty cuts along the way) grazing my shoulders but all I do is two strand twists and buns. I was fed up with it and had a mini rant in my facebook group saying how when I had weaves or relaxer I felt like I had more choice. I am still very much style challenged which means I don’t have all the skills to do the amazing hairstyles I keep seeing on everyone else.

The facebook group responded and gave me a few tips that I thought I should share with you in case the Hair Boredom Bug ever bites you.

1)    Don’t panic, everyone has a bad hair day now and then, you will get over it
2)    Search for ‘Why I hate my natural hair’ once you hear everyone’s challenges you will feel inspired and love yours
3)    Go on Youtube! Find some simple styles that you can do and practice those try and see how many different styles you can do.
4)     Don’t be afraid to put it back in a weaves or braids as long as you take care of your hair properly underneath winter is coming anyway so protect it

I am pleased to report I am over my Hair Boredom and I did find some nice styles on 
YouTube which I have to practice.

Have you ever been bored with your hair? What did you do? 


  1. I am bored with mine right now, but absolutely refuse to put a perm or weave in it if I can help it. I need to just get over my slump.. I’ll do some research 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I get bored easily so to switch it up I’m always changing styles, I look on YouTube, magazines, Natural hair blogs, use head wraps, braids, wigs yada yada.. anything basically for hair inspiration.

  3. @ LocalCeleb Yeah a perm will never go back on my head either

    @Anonymous – you know I am living on Youtube right now!

  4. I certainly suffer from hairbordom. Not much time to experiment with a very active toddler hanging onto my leg, lol. One good thing about winter is that the hats come out. I love hats and they hard all my hair sin. I only wish more woolly hats had stain lining though :0( And well all else fail a good an faithful ponytail is a saviour!

  5. That happned to me and i was transitioning at the time after 2 months in box braids and that i what lead to my BIG CHOP! 😀 I am now 1month natural and got bored again last week lol so i have installed box braids on my own hair. 😀