Hair is taking over my life so BRB



So I am taking a week off blogging – need to spend some time with my hubby 🙂

In the meantime I wanted to let you know some of the best ways you can enjoy


Subscribing via email you get everything I post right in your inbox, you can create a folder and if you don’t have time to read them that day and revisit when you do that time. It’s a two step process just put your email in the box and press ok. The the website will send you a verification link. Once you have that and have clicked on it, you are subscribed. You can also subscribe by RSS.

The buttons to do this are on the left hand banner of the website and look like this.


How to subscribe

Read past articles

You can do this by clicking the older posts button at the bottom of the website, just about ‘About’
you can also use the calendar if you know what date I posted something.

Old Posts

How to get to older posts

Read about certain things

If you want to read about a something in particular you can use the tag cloud and click on a subject or use the search function. Both are in the right hand banner on the website.

tag cloud

The Tag Cloud



Put your topic in on the left hand side.


Finally and most importantly comment! Comments create conversation and build our community. The comment box is at the top of every single post.



Or if you click the green title of a post it will be at the bottom like this


Comment under



That’s all folks, I hope you enjoy discovering the wealth of information I have blogged about.
I have some good posts coming up as soon as I return.

Have a great weekend