Hair Style Idea

I am not sure if I posted this on the blog, but the other week I went and got my hair done at Adornment.

What do you think? You can click on it to make it bigger. 



  1. really nice angel! looks very Shingai shinowa-esque!

  2. love it!

  3. I like it!! How long are you hoping it’ll last for? and what was your experience at Adornment like??

  4. @ Natural-belle & FollyB – thanks

    @The Bean, well…I took it out everything that was not in cornrows the first night (all those pins were not comfortable to sleep in) Then the next day I twisted all the loose hair in two strand twists, it lasted for two weeks. I have been to Adornment a few times and I like it but the cost would keep me from going more often.

  5. I love this!!!!!! I wish I could master the the folded afro puff move but it never stays.
    S Nicole

    PS I would LOVE a Vlog to view for this style along with the pics.

  6. It looks lovely. I will be trying something similar in 2 days – wish me luck!

    Your hair looks very brushed out or blown out? Is this the case?

  7. Very nice! Your hair looks so healthy Went to Adornment for my first trim a few weeks ago. very happy with the service. It is pricey though so will be an occasional treat. They styled my hair really nicely and it lasted over a week. I should share the photos sometime.

  8. the style is very nice. looks good

  9. @ S Nicole – lush expert yeah I know what you mean, I didn’t think my hair could do it

    @ JC I hope it turned out well, yes it is blown out, I had a wash, blowdry and trim. I have had a trim before without the blowdry but I found that it was a disaster.

    @Koily K, yes its really nice there but for me too, it has to be an occasional treat. Yes I look forward to your photos

    @SoFroLushes – Thanks!