Hairdressers in the Future.

Visiting a black hairdresser can be a risky business; it seems as if anyone that is just good at braiding with no qualifications at all can set up shop. The good salons have the trained staff who went to college, the bad ones have their friends who ‘did hair back in their own country’ or I once went to a salon and she told me she did tourists hair on the beach in Jamaica – that’s where she picked up her hairdressing skills.

Even the ones that went to college, what did they learn? How to relax, weave or colour our hair, I used to think that natural hair had no hope. We only have a very few salons and a few stylists that really know how to care for our hair.

Could this all be about to change?

At the Changing Concepts Debate it was mentioned that in there are now new NVQ’s specifically designed for Natural Hair.

I had to look it up and found that this is indeed true. There is an ITEC Diploma in Treating Natural African Type Hair. (NVQ Level 3)

At the same debate I also found out that Morris Roots is launching the first ever school of Locs where he will run an advanced diploma course in Loc technology (NVQ Level 3). This is the first of its kind worldwide Big Congratulations Morris.

So we might see a future with an abundance of formally trained professionals that know and love our hair in its natural state. Imagine visiting a salon then? 



  1. wow…interesting…i guess things are changing….people need some enlightenment…about time still!!!

  2. This can only be a good thing.
    It is amazing how many will not be trained and think they can manage hair. Great to hear about the training options.

  3. We can only hope! I guess the great thing about being a natural is that you can pretty much manage your hair yourself. But it would be nice if there were an abundance of salons that catered for natural, afro textured hair, where you did not have to worry about the products they used, or that they would blow-dry your hair and cause heat damage or saturate your hair with grease!”

  4. I’ve been told There’s an afro hair college in Luton that teaches dreadlocs/natural hair. I wonder if morris roots will be teaching about all locs from micros to fat locs…still it’s a positive thing to see happening.

  5. It would be nice to visit a hair dressers and feel I’m in safe hands. Not anything I’ve had experience of sadly.