Hairducation – An Event for Mothers & Daughters

I really loved the sound of this event when I read about it. How beautiful – it’s basically a workshop for mothers to go along with their daughters and learn how to style their daughters hair. It’s being run by Root 2 Tip and all the details are in the e-flyer below

Sometimes I see little girls with weaves or temple eating braids and I want to tell the mother’s STOP! Isn’t it great that now more and more events are happening for us Naturals we are going to have a generation of children that love their hair. 

If I am ever blessed with a daughter I would head to this in a heartbeat. 

email for bookings and more information



  1. Thanks Angel, much appreciated, I hope you can make it!! XX

  2. Isn’t your advert giving people a bit of false hope?

    The last picture on the little girl with the long hair says that u will teach people how to grow hair as long as her’s and you also talk about the science of hair care. It is not possible for every person to grow very long hair and that is part of the science of hair. If your hair has a very short growing phase and it grow slowly, it is unlikely to every reach that length.

    So if u going to talk about the science of hair – it should be accurate or it is just as bad as when you see all these products in the black hair shop promising super long hair.

    Shouldn’t her focus be on helping people grow their hair as long as they can grow it – which is very different from finding one black child with long hair and saying everyone’s hair will grow as long as hers – which is what she is essentially doing.

  3. Wow this is a cool event and a nice a ideal for a mother and a daughter. I’m gonna love this event.

  4. This is such a great workshop for young girls. This is the time when their minds can be shaped/trained to love their naturl beauty and hair.

    Young girls these days are so bombarded with media images of beauty that are contrary to the images of themselves.

    Please keep this workshop going.