Happy New Year!

Hey everyone

I hope you had a fantastic New Years Eve.  Here we are 2014 already! I saw the new years in with my hubby and family it was really lovely.

I just wanted to write a note to Thank You all for subscribing to The Natural Lounge either here or on Facebook. I really appreciate your support.

Since going Natural in 2010 (wow I just realised that was 4 years ago) things have really gone well in the Natural Hair world. We now have even more events, products in abundance and everywhere I turn I see another new natural, be it a friend, family member, someone I work with, the list continues. It is a beautiful thing to see so I am proud of anyone out there that has worn their hair out this year even if it was just once. By just walking the streets in your puff or twist out, you may have inspired someone so I am here cheering and raising a glass to you all –  go team natural!

That’s really all I have to say, just keep being yourself and doing what works for you.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!



  1. Happy New Year, Angel!!!! Wow…it’s been a long time

    The last time I saw you on a blog was the last post that you did announcing that you got married. Congrats again to you both!

    I was reading an old blog post that you commented on. I clicked on your profile and it led me here.

    Hope all is well! Take care