Have you heard of The River Hut Company?

Well now you are about to…..

Louise-Ann Paris-Riviere

Louise-Ann Paris-Riviere

I have become aware that lately whenever I meet a new entrepreneur, especially one that has been working prior to their business, there is always a strong compelling reason why they have set up.  It could be that they were made redundant or that they had an amazing idea and just had to work on it. For Louise-Ann Paris-Riviere it was the birth of her son over two years ago that made her want to set up. Louise was working full time far away from her home which meant that she had to leave the house at 7am and when she returned after 7pm he was sleeping. Enough was enough and this was she decided to launch The River Hut Company.

The River Hut Company is a UK eco-conscious brand that produces bags with afro inspired designs for naturalista’s like us. I was delighted to be invited to visit them at their workshop in Hertfordshire to find out more.

The River Hut Company

The products I saw

Louise is a natural who spent a year transitioning big chopped in 2012, since then she has been on the mission to have a more natural lifestyle and cut down on chemicals. She told me “When I started this company I wanted everything about it to be sustainable” so she uses the canvas for the bags from a sustainable source and even the paints she uses are non toxic “which means they are good for mothers and babies” she said.

River Hut 2

Louise makes all the products herself, from the sewing to the design and print, even mixing the paint colours herself.  When talking about her designs Louise said “I wouldn’t say I am an artist,  but I am creative,  so when I first made the designs and sent them to my sister she told me I just had to do it! I wanted them to be something that looked nice but they had to be clean, trendy stylist and natural”


The bags are just the start, by the end of the year the company will have more lines of products. Inspecting the bags myself I found that they were really strong from a heavy cotton canvas so very durable. They are also quite large, so you could hold your shopping, your kids stuff or even take them to the beach. You can currently buy the bags from Etsy and ASOS and soon Amazon.  Louise sometimes exhibits at events as well.


Of course I couldn’t leave without commenting on Louise’s protective style as I was loving it. Louise was wearing Marley Braids as she wanted to gain a bit more length. Louise keeps her hair routine simple using co-washing and air drying. To moisturise she uses a homemade mix of castor and olive oil mix on her hair and scalp and a branded shea butter product.

You know me, I love to support any UK Natural so I hope you enjoyed reading.

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  1. A vest?

  2. Hi Angel, Thanks for this post, I think The River Hut Company will be bringing out T-Shirts and Vests!

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  4. Gina King says:

    Its Vests

  5. Josefin Ahnstrom says:

    Tank tops!!!

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  7. Elinor smith says:

    I think its t shirt!! Fingers cross for the goodies bag!!

  8. River Hut Company will be bringing out T-shirts

  9. Rosemary Dike says:

    Vest tops!

  10. A range of T shirts ?

  11. Looks like it could be a fab range of vests!