Holiday Hair

In my last post you read Olas article on how to take care of your hair on holiday well here are some of my personal holiday snaps.

I went to Thailand in June this year and I decided on cainrows in the front and two strand twists at the back. I just wanted a style that I didnt have to think about
I kept it neat by putting the twists into two plaits at the back 
This is my tourist guide pose 
This was me enjoying room service – you can also see how my hair looked down. 

it was a holiday though, who wants to stress over hair when it got old and I just tied it back 
Sometimes in life there are things you just don’t want to see,
 I guess it’s not just black women with image problems 

In every photo set you have to have a couple of outtakes – here is one. 
here is the other – perhaps screwfacing you can see the style better 🙂

I loved my holiday style, it was stress free, easy to manage and easy to take care of my hair Naturals what did you do with your hair on your last holiday?   


  1. I’m definitely going to steel that style Angel!!