Homegrown Talent – Anna Omak

Anna Omak is a London born singer and songwriter who has had the pleasure of singing backing vocals for people like Mary J Blige and Westlife. I only recently came across her but was delighted to see that she is also natural!! Look at these beautiful twists 

[Photo by Philip Ryalls] 

Definitely one to watch – her debut album ‘Travelling Light’ is coming out this summer and I just heard one of the songs on youtube – I had to post it…have a listen. 



  1. I absolutely love the twisted updo but can anyone work out how its done?!

  2. You know I am with you, I would love to know how she did it – perhaps I might try and email her website and ask her!

  3. Anna’s hair is more gorge in real life I tell ya! She styled my natural hair for my wedding!! I still get comments about my wedding hair au natural et al. 😉

  4. @Lánre well hun you know you have to email me, I want to see those wedding photos – is she a hairstylist as well?